Album: Theater of the Mind (2008)
  • I'm the MVP, I'm stupid with this rap shit!

    When Premier puts the needle on the record then I put it on blast
    Your flow's garbage, I throw it in the trash
    I'm the MVP, I'm stupid with this rap shit
    Rewind the verse, make the track do a back flip
    Your speakers poppin on a handstand
    They sneak dissin niggas, throwin little jabs like Bam Bam
    But I'm a bad man, they amateurs like at Apollo
    I wipe em off the stage like Sandman
    God damn man, what the hell you smokin on?
    It's Ludacris, I got more cheese than provolone
    And the chrome is home, so I'm never home alone
    And only keep friends with two X chromosomes
    So I command all these rappers, put the mic down
    Throw a grenade in your mouth, nigga bite down!
    Because I'm back with Premo on the track
    Takin' it to the essence, showin' niggas how to rap

    Still hungry as the day I began, I heat the booth up so much
    The engineer caught a muthafuckin' tan
    I'm the truth when it comes to it (true!)
    I hold hip-hop for hostage, since 2000, I put a gun to it
    And I run through it, like a Jamaican Bolt
    And everyday's a vacation on Jamaican smoke
    Cloud your whole block, talk shit and hear the fo' pop
    One, two and it don't stop
    And my delivery's invadin' your vicinity
    Hennessey is my remedy, taking shots like Kennedy
    And I been a G for a long time
    To these streets, I'm connected like I'm online
    On time for whatever
    And every time an album drop, I drop BIG like Voletta
    I'm ahead of the competition, they wishin that I just fade off
    My career for your life, let's trade off

    Eight years in the game, ain't a damn thang changed
    So I brought it back to one of the tracks
    Of where the damn thang came
    And he goin' down in history, 'cause he don't sleep
    And he the first southern rapper on a Premo beat
    I ate the kick and the snare, the samples always taste fine
    And I shoot a hot 16 from the baseline
    I'm on point like CP3
    And I'll be goin down in rap as the MVP Writer/s: Christopher Bridges, Chris Martin
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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