Don't Ask Me No Questions

Album: Second Helping (1974)
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  • Well, every time that I come home
    Nobody wants to let me be
    It seems that all the friends I've got
    Just got to come interrogate me
    I appreciate your feelings
    And I don't want to pass you by
    But I don't ask you 'bout your business
    Don't ask me about mine

    Well it's true I love the money
    And I love my brand new car
    I like drinkin' the best of whiskey
    And playin' in a honk-tonk bar
    But when I come off the road
    I just gotta have my time
    'Cause I got to find a break in this action
    Or else I'm gonna lose my mind

    So don't ask me no questions
    And I won't tell you no lies
    So don't ask me 'bout my business
    And I won't tell you goodbye

    Well, what's your favorite color
    And do you dig the brothers, is drivin' me up a wall
    And every time I think I can sleep
    Some fool has got to call
    Well, don't you think that when I come home
    I just want a little piece of mind?
    If you want to talk about the business
    Buddy you're just wasting time

    So don't ask me no questions
    And I won't tell you no lies
    So don't ask me 'bout my business
    And I won't tell you goodbye

    I said don't ask no stupid questions
    And I won't send you away
    If you want to talk fishin'
    Well, I guess that'll be OK Writer/s: GARY ROBERT ROSSINGTON, RONNIE VAN ZANT
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Richard E. Schwartz from White Plains, N.y.Fantastic, each one of them!!
  • Wildman from Clearwater ,fl.Just a country boy myself. These guys were not only talented musically they also had good enough communication skills to have startedthe band &made music. My 3 man or boy band cut school & drank their parents liquor. We were too drunk to amount to any talent. That was 40 years ago. I dont drink anymore. But i still rock nroll my gibson guitars!!!
  • John from Beltsville, MdListen close at the end of the first verse. There is no chorus there but someone starts singing one: "so don't a...", then stops when they realize their mistake. Pretty funny.
  • Renee from Bloomington, MnI'm also with you Evan. I like this song for the message of I don't ask you about your business, don't ask me about mine. A similar song I enjoy for this message is Rumors by the Tmex Social Club. I quote that one a lot to people who insist on spreading rumors and inaccuracies about others.
  • Evan from Winchester, EnglandI couldn't agree more. People need to mind their own business.
  • Jenna Madsen from Eureka!, Caits absolutely amazing! great song, makes you just want to get up, dance, and have a big ole glass of whiskey!
  • Bryan from Valhermoso Springs, AlJeanette, I know just how you feel about them all being favs. Another one of mine that is not on this site is I Know A Little, or as my car tag and email say INOALTL.
  • Jeanette from Mcgrady, NcThis is one of my favorite Skynyrd tunes. Come to think of it, they're all my favorites.
  • Chris from Milford, Ctthey talk about the allman brothers in the last verse of the song "whats your favorite color and do ya dig the brothers?"
  • Jim from Gainesville, TxThis song was covered by country artist Chris Cagle on the soundtrack for The Blue Collar Comedy Tour movie.
  • Ilikemusic. from This Isn't A City, Mdwho is the artist that performs the cover?
  • Jon from Sunnyvale, CaI don't know the name the singer, but a cover version of this song is played during the end credits of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour movie.
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