Bleeding All Over You

Album: I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too (2008)
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  • There are days, when the cage
    Doesn't seem to open very wide at all
    There are others that would shock, the most indiscriminate lovers of all
    My heart was made for bleeding all over you

    You got a girlfriend
    And I can only talk about her, for so very long
    Then my mind turns into my heart
    And whispers into that dark cave, that I've been wrong

    [Chorus: ]
    My heart was made for bleeding all over you
    And I know you're married but I've got feelings too
    And I still love you

    You moved up North, you've got a farmhouse
    There's cow shit in your brain and, love in your heart
    I'm in the city and I'm trapped between two buildings
    And having to start at the start
    You've got a daughter, now you're a father
    You have your pack and they are wild

    [Chorus: ]
    I still love you

    Na na, na na na na...

    I've got feelings too
    And I still love you
    Yes, I still love you Writer/s: Martha Wainwright
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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