Concrete Angel

Album: Greatest Hits (2001)
Charted: 47
  • She walks to school with the lunch
    She packed
    Nobody knows what she's
    Holdin' back
    Wearin' the same dress
    She wore yesterday
    She hides the bruises with linen
    And lace

    (Oh oh)

    The teacher wonders but she
    Doesn't ask
    It's hard to see the pain
    Behind the mask
    Bearing the burden
    Of a secret storm
    Sometimes she wishes she was
    Never born

    Through the wind and the rain
    She stands hard as a stone
    In her world that she can rise above
    But her dreams give her wings
    And she flies to a place where
    She's loved
    Concrete angel

    Somebody cries in the middle
    Of the night
    The neighbors hear, but they turn
    Out the lights
    A fragile soul caught in the hands
    Of fate
    When morning comes
    It'll be too late

    Through the wind and the rain
    She stands hard as a stone
    In her world that she can rise above
    But her dreams give her wings
    And she flies to a place where
    She's loved
    Concrete angel

    A statue stands in a shaded place
    An angel girl with an upturned face
    A name is written on a polished rock
    A broken heart that the world forgot

    Through the wind and the rain
    She stands hard as a stone
    In her world that she can rise above
    But her dreams give her wings
    And she flies to a place where
    She's loved
    Concrete angelWriter/s: ROB CROSBY, STEPHANIE KAY BENTLEY
    Publisher: Universal Music Publishing Group, BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 49

  • Tim from Amador ContyLuka - Suzanne Vega
    Runaway Train - Soul Asylum
    Concrete Angel - Martina McBride
    Independence Day - Martina McBride

    It happens to little boys as well. It's been over 40 years since I escaped that home. Runaway.

    No one dare ask in those days (certainly no teacher; about the black eye you have, bruises on your face or choke marks around your neck). And you certainly didn't tell (you just made up a story). It just meant more beatings at home if you did.

    I don't cry anymore ("If you cry I'm going to keep it up"). Physical pain is nothing (you can just step outside your body and watch). The mental pain; that never goes away.

    I certainly don't talk about it to anyone. Even now. People will just think you are trying to be the center of attention. I don't want that.

    So I continue on in this life for all those like me who did not make it. I keep them in my heart and mind in this life's journey. However, the memories return in dreams at night when I close my eyes to sleep. Martina is right. Sometimes I wish I was never born.
  • Ariel from LouisvilleThose nights my mother would have died only a few people would try to save me but it just made things worse I was so happy the night I left cause she couldn't hurt me anymore.
  • Heather from Skiatook SchoolsYou are really pretty I love your eyes.
  • Heather from Skiatook SchoolsI really love her songs. I hear it every day,
    the other people are right the song is very sad but I watched a lot.
  • Julie from Richmond VirginiaThis song is so very sad! My dad and I were both physically mentally emotionally abused by my mother whenever she got drunk which was quite often! I also have been physically mentally emotionally abused by my two ex-husbands and most of my ex-boyfriends and my ex-roommate which was one of the worst that I had to deal with! I suffer with extreme depression anxiety PTSD and borderline personality disorder because of what my mother put me through during my child hood and some of my adult hood! The emotional abuse is the hardest I have had to deal with! I can't be around anyone that abuses a child and try not to do anything about it! We all need to try and stop child abuse!
  • Stacey from IrelandI listened to this song on you tube for first time last week can't stop listening to it very sad cryed loads of times at it ... Just brought back stuff from the past I wasn't abused by my parents but I was abused by my uncle . I'm very spiritual person also . When the girl is playing and talking to her friend remeinds also of a certain friendship I have with a male friend . Xxxx
  • Jessie from Rockville, MdI connect to this song on a very deep level. My mom is very emotionally abusive and sometimes physically abusive as well. I found this song a while back on youtube and it quickly became one of my favorites, and still is today. I hate how much I connect to this song--having to always wear sweatshirts and pants to school and not taking them off even for gym because someone will see the bruises. I feel like my teachers know something is happening, but they never say anything even if they see grip marks on my wrists. Thankfully, the physical abuse had stopped for now, but the emotional abuse has gone on overload and I don't know how long I can take it anymore. Nobody knows, not even my friends. If they ask, I tell them I fell off my horse or am just having a bad day. I think the internet is a good place to let the world know:

    If you think your friends or your peers or your co-workers are in some kind of emotional or physical abuse, please do something. Don't give up. It's terrifying to have to admit to someone that you've been abused, but there are some weak points, some cracks, that you can get through and it could really mean the difference between life and death.

    This is a beautiful song and it describes me perfectly. And, just like the girl, I think it's my time soon. Please, help those who are being abused. We all need someone to pull us out of the light, and I'm sorry I can't wait for my someone.
  • Brianne from Hinesville, Gaactually the boy isn't really a real boy... well he is but he's a guardian angel. Martina McBride explained it in an interview once.
  • Jessica from Erie, PaI was never abused, but for all of you that were, I'm so sorry. I dealt with cutting so I know pain. I love this song and can sing it perfectly.
  • Catherine from Villas, NjThis song is really sad. I met a girl who was abused by her drug and alcohol addicted parents so this song reminds me of her. Martina great job with this really SAD song! Let's end child abuse right now!
  • Emmy from Bellville, OnThis song is so sad
  • Alias from San Antonio, CaThis song is one of my favorites, not because I can relate, but because I can feel safe knowing I personally don't have to deal with any abuse and I can send my heart out to those with less fortunate circumstances in the hope that their lives will get better and that some anne will guide them to safety. I would really encourage people who are being abused to reach out and really seek help and support. Remember: you are not alone and things will look up if you extend your hand. :) good luck to all victims. My heart goes out to you! <3
  • Kaylee from Richmond, Vai read all yalls comments im obssesed with this song because this is the first song ever for me to relate to with my dark secret past. I have been greatly affected by what i went through my birth dad abused me in ways that you couldnt even imagine . Then next was my babysitter who wipped me with a belt and beat me for no reason. To top it all off i was beat up by all the neighborhood kids. The only im still alive is because god kept me alive. then i was beat up and bullied until my freshman year of high school where i was finally given the love and the respect that i always craved for. Im in my junior year of highschool. My memorry was messed up by trying to block out what my dark past held. Im also skisafrenic which i jump at little things. Im also afraid and nervous around guys because what my dad did to me. But i love him because he was born with brain damage and his parents treated him like crap. So he didnt know how to treat his own kids. Im supprised he was still alive from all that he went through in his childhood. I also always wear a jacket no matter what the weather is because i have had my dignity and pride ripped from me as a child.
  • Chelsea from Ficthburg, MaR.I.P NINAH PAILLARD <3 10.27.10 I had a friend that was being abused by her boyfriend & she physically couldn't deal with the torment anymore and committed suicide last October on the 27 Th . It was HANDS DOWN the HARDEST thing I have ever dealt with in my ENTIRE life . My entire school was traumatized for weeks . I still cry everyday thinking out her & what she had to go through in her 16 years of life & how hard it must have been for her to feel like she had noone to go to and that she was alone . well Ninah I want you to know you are never alone babygirl & I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU TONS & TONS . Fly high & watch over us .
  • Chelsea from Ficthburg, MaThis song is so sad, I'm actually listening to it right now & I am balling my eyes out . I have personally never been abused by my parents, but my best friend Crystal was abused by her dad .the 1st time I was that I was flabbergasted by the sight . I automatically called Crystal's mom & the cops it was one of the scariest things I've seen in my life time . I had no clue what to do & I finally got her dad off of her & I hugged Crystal for hours & we cried together . I felt her pain 100% . But I Thank God that their relationship has gotten better & I never have to do it again !
  • Cheyanne from Florida, United KingdomThat song and music video makes me cry every time I listen to it like no joke.It so sad if I was the teacher I would of asked.You can't leave something like that left alone if the little girl told the teacher she would of never died I am crying now casue i just listened to the song if you know someone that deals with this samethang call 352 748 5657
  • Chloe from Birmingham, United KingdomI have read everyone`s comments and their so sad. And i think we should stand up for ourselves right now ! Or otherwise like some of us people its going to be to late ! Every one has a right to live !
  • Asheli from Houston, TxMy friend Kelly had an abusive mother,we was both 6 at the tine which was years ago. One night we was talking on the phone and her mom came in and said "Kelly! GET OFF THAT PHONE!" then kelly threw it on the floor and it didn't hang up and i could hear screaming and crying in the background and then Kelly was lucky to be alive,she had a blue bruise on her leg from a baseball bat and cuts & scrapes. I feel sorry for Kells
  • Evy from West Plains, Neyou guys the little girls mom beats her to much and the little boy aint real he is her guardian angel the bunch of kids at the end are kids are victims of abuse who died because of it
  • Kirsti from Las Cruces, NmI'm currently using this song's music video for a writing assignment in college, but I didn't realize it would bring up so many old memories and horrors from my childhood. I was abused for eight years of my life by my alcoholic and drug addict of a mother. I would get beaten just for talking on the phone after school sometimes. There was really no rhyme or reason for it except the influences she was under. But what makes me angry in this video is the teacher notices the marks on that little girl and does absolutely nothing. I fought and fought to try and get my freedom. Called the cops, showed my teachers, my friends, I knew what my mother was doing was not right. But the thing is no one EVER believed me until I came to school with my entire face all red and purple. The sad fact is no one believes the children who claim abuse or don't want to. Either that or they are scared of repercussions. Either way, it does not reaqlly matter to me. Abuse needs to be reported. No one should ever go through what I, or the other abused children everywhere, went through.
  • Phoebe from Campo, Caawww justin im so sorry to hear just stay strong for her kk im preying for you! and for everyone who wrote comments im sorry too just stay strong and just know that they are always with you everywhere you go! if anyone is getting abused or if you are getting abused tell someone before its to late. I was to abused but i didn't tell anyone. i finally told people after it stopped. if anyone is getting abused please tell someone get help.
    Phoebe, San Diego,Cali
  • Jream from Burkesville, KyI am only 14, neither of my parents abuse me, but my older brother did rape me. Everytime I see this video or hear this song, I cry. Martina, this song is the only one I have ever cried over, and I thank you for being one of the few people I have ever known of to make such a touching and true gesture like your song.
  • Raylee from Henderson, KyI cry every time I hear this song:( its so good but its so sad. and Justin I read yours and I have no clue who you are but im so sorry that happen to your best friend, I really hope you listen to her and don't kill yourself, you will see her again when the time is right. I'll pray for you.
  • Justin from Laguna Beach, CaRIP HAILEE 6/7/98: I know exactky how this is. My best friend, at 6, was abused byher mom. I watched as i t happend for the first time. I called my mom to see, and she called the cops rite away. Too bad she was just 10 minutes too late. If I would have been faster, Haliee would be alive, and we would be BFF'S, I luved her. I still cry every nite,and pray that its all a dream and she'll come runnin thru my door. But she never duz. I hav attepted suicide three times, but rite be4 i lift my feet off the ground, i hear Hailee say to me, "Please Justin, don't do it. Your parents need you.I need you to be strong for me." That stops me everytime. Her parents are in jail, but i want something more, i dont what it is, but i feel like hailee deserves something more than just having her killers locked up for 30 years. Its been 12 years, and I miss her so much. I have a hard time gooing on with my life. If she would let me, I'd kill my self rite now. Its my fault shes dead. Every day at school, shed have bruises on her arms and neck, and id ask, "Hailee, where did those bruises cum frum?" and shed usually say somethin lik, "Well, I dont really know...." Im in so much pain, I miss her so much. Youd think after 12 years it wouldnt hurt as bad, but its just gotten worse. Her birthday, I go to her grave and sit there and talk to her all day. Tell her how much I love her and miss her. And that I;d do ANYTHING to have her bak at my side. For 12 years strate i hav dun that, and i will do that till the day i die, which will be the happiest day, when i get to be reunited woth her. Sorry its so long, i just needed to let it all out. Thats 12 years of grieving.
  • Samantha from Virginia Beach, VaMy friend chloe was being abused but she didnt tell anyone. she almost got killed and by that time she had told me but my parents wouldnt believe me so i couldnt do anything. i knew i had to but i couldnt. i just hope god helps her through this.
  • Maddie from Salina, KsI'll never forget the time my cousin showed me this music video. I cried. :( The sad thing is it really happens.
  • Michelle from Ypsilanti, Mithis reminds me of my life i am 14 and even though i dont get phisicaly abused my mother is an achoholic/drug addict and sometimes doesnt even come home till 5:00 in the morning
  • Clarissa from Jacksonville, FlThis Songg Remindss Me Of My Life, And What I Have To Go Through With My Father ! I Am Only 14 Years Old And I Go Through Child Abuse. I Love My Father. And Thats The Only Reasonn I Hvent Called Child Services. I'm Scared They Will Take Him Away From Me ! And I Don't Want That To Happenn !
  • Konnie from Versialles, MoThis Song is almost perfect picture of my life. Except it was my father who beat me. and of corse I got away before he could Kill me.
  • John from Ottawa, OnEven though I have no children of my own, I severely cried after listening to this song. Significant funds form the government must be made available to stop this Crime against Humanity and the American People need to wake up and tell the politicians to stop wasting money on defense foreign wars,etc. Let's get our own house in order.
  • Sabrina from Okley, Cai know its sooo sad my mom knew a girl that was abused nd its sooo sad just to watch it.
  • Brady from New York, NyOMG i LOVE this song, its sad yet very important. The sad truth is that child abuse does happen, why parents think its ok to hurt their kids, i dont know but i cry, no i sobbed the first time i heard this song, i still cry every time it is played. This is by far the best song ever, i will always and forever love this song
  • Carolyn from Hillsboro, Txabuse is a serious subject the U.S. has to deal with b/c this very second another child is bein abused and in about 1 minute approximately at least 100 children have been killed because of child abuse.if we could only catch the evil foul monstrous people who are doing this an just tell them they could have more kids but that doesnt make up for the lives of the ones they took so they should ask themselves is gettin drunk really worth the damage u cause to the lives of ur kids,other peoples kids, an the families u split apart by taking the lives of these poor defenseless children!!someone should remind them no matter how far they go in life they're still goin to pay for all the damage they've caused!! wat goes around comes around!so for all u cruel,sneeky,idiotic,lowlifes out there who is or has abused a child or worse taken the life of a child,KARMA!!!!!!
  • Jessie from Dallas, TxI love this song it's so sad ]=
  • Amanda from Deerfield, IlThis is SUCH a sad song. I first heard it from a friend (along with Independence Day), and it was SO____ sad to listen to...

    Luckily, I have no one to picture in this song, and I am SO VERY SORRY for all of you who have had/had a friend or sibling who has died in abuse.
  • Rambo from New York, Nythe little girl in this video gets killed by her mother.By the ending the little girl is a angel and the little boy is also(he was also killed by Child abuse.) and after they hug they run off to greet the other little kids who are angels also.

    McBride says the song is a true story - it was about her niece. Her mother and father split one day, and her niece's mom started abusing her. She was killed one day by the mother.. The song was dedicated to McBride's niece's memory.
  • Brett from Cincinnati, Ohthis is a very good song i can relate to it my cousin was abuse
  • Victoria from Rochester, Nyi kinda love this song and its also very sad right there in the song concrete angels there showing you to stop children abuse cuz its really harful to watch if you really like it sham on you this is just rediculas that kid does not deserve to be beaten up so that she dies! She just made a friend at school. So if you enjoyed it fine but i didnt i like the song but not the clip its not right!!!
  • Abygale from St. Chalres, IlI love this song, it reminds me of my step- sister, whenever she leaves my house. in illlnios, to Iowa. I miss her sooo much that i have to listen to this song, she and i have the same thing in common. it reminds her of her mom, and it reminds me of her.
  • Kaylie from Palm Coast, HiI cried when i watched the music video and listened too the song!! Even though it's said you just want to keep watching and listening it's sad but addicting!!I love the song,it's my favorite!
  • Georgiaa from Xxx, Otherthe bit that gets me is when the boy comes and sits next to her. her only friend.
  • Georgiaa from Xxx, Otherits so sad that it makes you cry and then you think... this is actually happening.
  • Ali from Morris, IlI love this song it is one of my favorite songs it is really sad and it tells like exactly what is happening. It is dissapiointing that this kind of thing goes on everyday and we dont know it especially to little childern.
  • Darrell from EugeneI have a "Concrete Angel", but it is a statue that belonged to my girlfriend's mom, cost over $500 to ship from Kailua, Hawaii to my hometown (no longer Eugene, Oregon and will not be disclosed to anyone) and has a giant birdbath on top of its head. It even looks a little like the one in this video, but with Polynesian facial features.
  • Kelsi from I-town(ionia, MiThis song is so so happens is so dissapointing...
  • Victoria from Denver, CoThis song made me cry, but i love it. it touched me and my friends. Now we are trying to do alot for the kids that are having this happended to them.Thank you Martina for this Beautiful song
  • Melanie from Milwaukee, WiThis is such a sad song it gets you right in the heart. I think I cried and I fell so sad and want to help all the abuse victims.
  • Caitlin from Upper Township, NjThis song makes me cry even more than "My Heart Will Go On". It's sad, but it makes people realize that child abuse does happen. THank you, Martina, for this touching song.
  • Azzie from Manitoba, CanadaI cried. This song is so sad, but so amazing at the same time. So is the video.
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