Oh Rosetta

Album: The Things That We Are Made Of (2016)
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  • I'm telling you these things that I tell no one else
    When I'm all alone
    When I'm by myself
    And I believe you hear me though I have no proof
    It's what I feel inside
    That's telling me the truth
    If I listen and I cannot hear the music
    If I try to swim the ocean and cannot reach the shore
    If the world is offered love but doesn't use it
    Oh Rosetta, what's it for?

    May I call you sister when we talk this way?
    You make me feel as if there's nothing I can't say
    I know I'm not the first one you've brought comfort to
    And I'm not the last that will look to you
    If I wander and I cannot find the reason
    If I keep my heart wide open and cannot feel the sun
    And I'm not sure anymore what I believe in
    Oh Rosetta, am I the only one?

    One day I am walking down a lonely street
    New York City's cold, there is no one to meet
    And at the corner of 57th and 7th Avenue
    I hear someone sing and I know it's you
    If I'm still and I cannot hear the choirs
    If I try to please the many instead of just the very few
    Can you hear me through invisible wires?
    Oh Rosetta, what should I do?

    If I listen and I cannot hear the music
    If I swim against the current and lose sight of the shore
    If the world is offered goodness but doesn't use it
    Oh Rosetta, what's it for? Writer/s: Mary Chapin Carpenter
    Publisher: SENTRIC MUSIC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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