Album: Boston Accent (2022)
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  • You were in a black dress
    Bowie in the kitchen
    Pigeons on your balcony
    Beautiful and barefoot
    Said you never show your bruises
    I was hoping that you might show me

    I'd been living in a lifeboat
    Dizzy on the ocean
    I couldn't tell you when I last saw land
    I washed up on your doorstep
    A servant at the temple
    A Hail Mary from a drowning man

    And it felt romantic to learn a new language
    Desperate and damaged and aching to be
    Yeah you came on like the queen of chaos
    Like some unsolvable mystery

    Your daddy made a living
    Selling Jesus and the manger
    Salvation in the land of sin
    And every time that you got me
    In a vulnerable position
    Well you told me that I looked like him

    And it felt electric to have your attention
    Full surrender to your gravity
    Yeah, you came on like the queen of chaos
    A child who only could ever play make-believe

    And you're never gonna let anybody stand beside you
    You just sell 'em what they wanna hear
    Cause you're good at telling stories and talking revolution
    And using people 'til they disappear

    A goddess when you get what you wanted
    When you don't my love, you're mean
    You came on like the queen of chaos
    But I never met anybody less free

    Anybody less free


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