Chosen Ones

Album: Killing Is My Business... (1985)
  • You doubt your strength or courage
    Don't come to join with me
    For Deth surely wants you
    With sharp and pointy teeth
    An animal so vicious
    No others fought and won
    So on the fields of battle
    We are the chosen one
    Human bones blanket the dirt
    of the heathens lair
    That we must pass this den of deth

    The only path from here
    But I walk in the light
    The time to die has come
    No one shall take my life
    I'm of the chosen ones
    Black shadows till the sky
    As the creatures eyes grow near
    Raise the shield of the holy pilgrims
    High into the air
    Heavens powers fill my arms
    Onward now to fight I'm sent
    Oh the beast is coming
    To put you to the test

    Now this land is mine to pilage
    Rape, and steal, and take at will
    Never let you cross this path
    I reign, for now, I say to KillWriter/s: DAVE MUSTAINE
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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  • Buggrithall from Mindyourownbusiness, United KingdomIts well known that chosen ones is a homage to python's holy grail.
  • Mud from Sf, CaIn the booklet of the remastered version of Killing Is My Business, both Dave M. and Dave E. said the song is about the rabbit scene in the Holy Grail.
  • Jon from --------, SwedenI would rather say that the lyrics are about the quests of the European conquerors. Before going to conquests in places like the Middle East and the Americas fighting indians, they got taught that the people they were gonna meet were like animals, killing anything and anyone they could get their hands on. But when the conquerors arrived, they became the animals and did horrible things to the natives, which the last lines of the lyrics talk about.
    The connection to Monty Python is simply that Dave borrowed the line "death surely awaits you, with sharp and pointy teeth" from the movie The Holy Grail. It is said by an elder when the knights are going into the cave of the mythical man-eating rabbit.
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