Devil's Island

Album: Peace Sells... But Who's Buying? (1986)
  • The light that fill my lonely cell,
    Is blocked out by the key,
    That locks the door to this hell,
    The place they wanted me.
    Time's racing like the wind,
    Execution's near.
    Oh Lord, I wait for death,
    And yes, I have no fear.
    I recall that night, my every breath,
    And step along the way.
    Closed my eyes, walking,
    As danger paved the way.
    The devil and the darkness
    Let her evil wander free.
    And here on Devil's Island,
    The final stop for me.
    Devil's Island! Devil's Island!
    Oh there's no escape,
    The sea is full of sharks.
    The tides take you way
    And smash you on the rocks.
    The sun is shining,
    But feel not today,
    Its warmth, it's dying,
    And fading away.
    Devil's Island! Devil's Island!
    Oh hear the call,
    From the grave beyond
    Oh so pernicious,
    Her soul could, it creates song.
    As there is no man that is
    Here upon the earth,
    Able to terminate our
    Noisome will since birth.
    The priest that reads the sermons,
    Is walking next to me,
    To the stake, my last request,
    To have her burn with me.
    But so it did, the heavens opened,
    Rain began to fall.
    The final judgment came.
    And was spread before you all.
    Final Judgment!
    Old, weak, and feeble,
    But the lesson taught to me,
    To stay away from evil,
    She doesn't care for me.
    She haunts me in my sleep,
    Though I tore that page away.
    And here on Devil's Island,
    I'll always have to stay.
    Devil's Island! Devil's Island!
    Here I am
    Devil's Island! Devil's Island!

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  • Nathan By looking at the lyrics I thought it was about a prisoners condemned to death penalty and about to go to hell.
  • Jasle from PennsylvaniaRE:Joern from Bergen and Papillion is about the Island in France, Called Devils Island.
  • Shannon from Pheonix, AzIm not positive but...Devils island is a place in Arizona
  • Carmen Lopez from Santa Ana, CaHaha. The Song is about Devil's Island on the side of France. Haha Duh! Hence the name Devil's Island. Hahaha "It's about Alcatraz."
  • Stephen from Dublin, IrelandOh, Alcatraz is located on and island? Never! Get out of here... And what's that island called? Learn something new every day.

    Thanks a million, Colin from Canada... you truly are a sage of epic proportions.
  • Omar from Sylmar, CaI think that this song is the best song on the peace sells but who's buying album.
  • Andrew from Columbus, OhThe song is a description of a French New Guinea prison island from the movie Papillon.
  • Devon from Westerville, Ohthe intro tapped solo is freakin' awesome.
  • Dave from Richland, CanadaAlso could be interpreted as the group of islands in Guiana, France that was home to one of France's most notorious and dangerous prisons.
  • Joern from BergenClose but wrong. It's about a movie called Papillon.Is THIS Songfacts ?
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