Rust in Peace... Polaris

Album: Rust in Peace (1990)
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  • Tremble you weaklings,cower in fear
    I am your ruler,land,sea and air
    Immense in my girth,erect I stand tall
    I am a nuclear murderer I am Polaris
    Ready to pounce at the touch of a button
    My system locked in on military gluttons

    I rule on land,air and sea
    Pass judgment on humanity
    Winds blow from the bowels of hell
    Will we give warning,only time will tell
    Satan rears his ugly head,to spit into the wind

    I spread disease like a dog
    Discharge my payload a mile high
    Rotten egg air of death wrestles your nostrils
    Launch the Polaris,the end doesn't scare us

    When will this cease
    The warheads will all rust in peace
    Bomb shelters filled to the brim
    Survival such a silly whim
    World leaders sell missiles cheap
    Your stomach turns,your flesh creeps

    High priest of holocaust,fire from the sea
    Nuclear winter spreading disease
    The day of final conflict
    All pay the price
    The third world war
    Rapes peace,takes life
    Back to the start,talk of the part
    When the earth was cold as ice
    Total dismay as the sun passed away
    And the days where black as night

    Eradication of earth's
    Population loves Polaris Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Zeljko Plavsic from Tucson AzWho are Avenged Sevenfold, never heard of them ?
  • Zeke from Colorqa, MdHonestly, as odd as this may sound, lets go over lyrics and see what this song could also entitle...

    "Tremble you weaklings, cower in fear
    I am your ruler, land, sea and air
    Immense in my girth, erect I stand tall...
    I spread disease like a dog
    Discharge my payload a mile high
    Rotten egg air of death wrestles your nostrils."

    Is this song about his/a penis?
  • Derek from Flin Flon, MbI believe Steven is entitled to his opinion, but I dont agree with him at all. Avenged Sevenfold are not the best band by any standards. Thats cool if you like them but they're not the best band, not even f--king close.
  • Darrell from EugeneHell yeah, Megadeth! Let the nukes rust!
  • Paul from California, SdSteve, your crazy, man. Comparing Megadeth to avenged sevenfold, is like comparing a german sheapard to a palmeranian. The german shepard will chew it up and spit out the palmeranian just like Megadeth does to avenged sevenfold! Have you heard Rust in Peace? Have you heard Marty Friedman shred on this album? I mean, Dave is better than 90% of the guitarists out there, and Marty is better than Dave! avewnged has no songs like Rust In Peace....Polaris, Hnger 18, Five Magics, Tornado of Souls, etc...
  • Zach from Darlington, ScDude both Metallica and Megadeth are waaaaay better than Avenged Sevenfold. Don't be stupid Dave Mustaine can school the (deleted) out of Synyster.
  • Steven from Viking, CanadaI love this song, and Megadeth are way better then Metallica, no matter what I have put on here in the past, but Avenged Sevenfold are still the best, no matter who says what.
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