Beautiful People

Album: Affectionately Melanie (1969)
  • Beautiful people
    You live in the same world as I do
    But somehow I never noticed
    You before today
    I'm ashamed to say

    Beautiful people
    We share the same back door
    And it isn't right
    We never met before
    But then
    We may never meet again
    If I weren't afraid you'd laugh at me
    I would run and take all your hands
    And I'd gather everyone together for a day
    And when we gather'd
    I'll pass buttons out that say
    Beautiful people
    Then you'd never have to be alone
    'Cause there'll always be someone
    With the same button on as you
    Include him in everything you do

    Beautiful people
    You ride the same subway
    As I do ev'ry morning
    That's got to tell you something
    We've got so much in common
    I go the same direction that you do
    So if you take care of me
    Maybe I'll take care of you

    Beautiful people
    You look like friends of mine
    And it's about time
    That someone said it here and now
    I make a vow that some time, somehow
    I'll have a meeting
    Invite ev'ryone you know
    I'll pass out buttons to
    The ones who come to show
    Beautiful people
    Never have to be alone
    'Cause there'll always be someone
    With the same button on as you
    Include him in ev'rything you do
    He may be sitting right next to you
    He may be beautiful people too
    And if you take care of him
    Maybe I'll take care of you
    'Cause all of the beautiful people do
    And you're all beautiful people too Writer/s: MELANIE SAFKA
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  • Bill from UsMelanie, Melanie, Melanie. Her songs were either beautiful or annoying, sometimes at the same time!, but jeez she was so beautiful, every boys dream. I had a poster even. I also had about 5 of her albums. But really didn't tell anybody I was listening to them! It was that kind of fandom (when I was about 12 years old.)
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