Junior Dad

Album: Lulu (2011)
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  • Would you come to me
    If I was half drowning
    An arm above the last wave

    Would you come to me
    Would you pull me up
    Would the effort really hurt you
    Is it unfair to ask you
    To help pull me up

    The window broke the silence of the matches
    The smoke effortlessly floating

    Pull me up
    Would you be my lord and savior
    Pull me up by my hair
    Now would you kiss me, on my lips

    Burning fever burning on my forehead
    The brain that once was listening now
    Shoots out its tiresome message

    Won’t you pull me up
    Scalding, my dead father
    Has the motor and he’s driving towards
    An island of lost souls

    Sunny, a monkey then to monkey
    I will teach you meanness, fear and blindness
    No social redeeming kindness
    Or – oh, state of grace

    Would you pull me up
    Would you drop the mental bullet
    Would you pull me by the arm up
    Would you still kiss my lips
    Hiccup, the dream is over
    Get the coffee, turn the lights on
    Say hello to junior dad
    The greatest disappointment
    Age withered him and changed him
    Into junior dad
    Psychic savagery

    The greatest disappointment
    The greatest disappointment
    Age withered him and changed him
    Into junior dad
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  • Deethewriter from Saint Petersburg, Russia FederationLou Reed in a interview with M - Music & Musicians: "They're into heavy metal, I'm into heavy guitar, so it was no big stretch. They were so ready to go, it was thrilling. It's like someone gave you a Ferrari for free."
  • Deethewriter from Saint Petersburg, Russia FederationMetallica frontman James Hetfield cited the album's closing number, "Junior Dad," as an example of the spontaneous way the songs came together: "There was some music that Lou had behind his lyrics before, and then we went out and played some stuff, and what they had done is they laid those two together, and without even knowing what the other stuff really sounded like, or timewise or when things would change, it lined up unbelievably perfect. It sounded really, really like they were meant to be."
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