Fade To Black

Album: Ride The Lightning (1984)
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  • Life, it seems, will fade away
    Drifting further everyday
    Getting lost within myself
    Nothing matters, no one else
    I have lost the will to live
    Simply nothing more to give
    There is nothing more for me
    Need the end to set me free

    Things not what they used to be
    Missing one inside of me
    Deathly lost, this can't be real
    Cannot stand this hell I feel
    Emptiness is filling me
    To the point of agony
    Growing darkness taking dawn
    I was me, but now he's gone

    No one but me can save myself, but it's too late
    Now I can't think, think why I should even try

    Yesterday seems as though it never existed
    Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye
    Goodbye Writer/s: Clifford Lee Burton, James Alan Hetfield, Kirk L. Hammett, Lars Ulrich
    Publisher: Tratore
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Ozzy Fan from IllinoisIs it just me or does anyone else not remember there being a the long "Goodbye" after the final lyric of the last verse (now I will just say goodbye)... Goodbye....
    I don't remember that on the record or the cassette..? Was that assed later on
  • Axld from Mtb TrailsAwesome song , been a fan since the early days. Death to all but METAL \…/. I also play a mean air guitar , mostly lead!
  • Evan from Calgary AbHands down the best song ever
  • Blarinaaron Bassman from So Cal I EI am 60 yrs young I have father's 4 good children have10 children 2 x wives a 30+yrs in the union and playing a solid baddass bass line sinse1974 all of a suddin nobody needs me or wants me even though my fire is far from out what the f--k have I done I'm not the suacidel tipe but if there is a grater power running things I feel I wish he'd take me. Thanks for the song as I F T B
  • Shaen from Kokomo IndianaThis song was really meaningful when I went through an extreme depression
  • Sim from Cleveland RocksThis song should be the “B-Side” to Beyond The Realms of Death by Judas Priest.
  • Nash from AustraliaAnyone else made the connection between Fade to Black and One?
    I view this song as a sequel to One, in which each subject is wishing for death, and in Fade To Black he finally gets it.
  • Wendy from West Des Moines, Ia As a newly recovering alcoholic, many treatment centers and a suicide attempt in my past "Fade to Black" has played a huge part in my recovery. It speaks to the bottom and loneliness that addiction will bring. I listen to Metallica when I run on my treadmill, listen to the lyrics and thank God I am no longer in that place, but can't afford not to remember how bad it can get. Plus....This song is BAD ASS!!
  • Cindy from Artesia, NmMetallica could sing anything and I would listen. I love these guys! Their songs, the lyrics, have gotten me thru some times I thought I would never get thru. The older they get, the better they get! ROCK ON THE FABULOUS 4 HORSEMEN!! I agree with James Hetfield---this is my favorite ones too!!
  • Jason from Pueblo , CoI have read everyone's comments. A very few got it right - most of you need a lesson in Metallica back in 1984. They were on the Muya tour when someone broke in to their U-Haul and took their instruments. If you read on Master of Puppets they thank U-Haul for not covering their instruments even though they had insurance.
  • Tracy from Tucson, AzIf I had to listen to one song for the rest of my life it would be Fade to black! I never get tired of this song I have listened to that song for up to 2 days straight, it never gets old!
  • Shawn from Green Bay, WiArguably Metallica's greatest song. Once again, it is simplistic lyrically: one dimensional, though heartrendingly honest. But, I contend, not only is this Metallica's greatest musically written song, but I would suggest that this might be the greatest guitar song of all time. It really doesn't need lyrics. If you let the guitar play through the whole thing, it might be even more powerful.
  • Quinn from Girouxville, AbThis song usually gives me goosebumps when I listen to it....even thought I've listened to it about 500,000 times.
  • Shilo from Kenai, AkDefinetly one of Metallica's best songs. I love the guitar in the song. It's just pure amazingness. :-D
  • Jacob from Jackson, TnI heard it also partially had to do with James's mother. That may have been incorrect, though.
  • Renan Alisson from Salvador, BrazilOne of my favorites musics !!! This music reminds a dark age in my life. A dark age that didn't pass till nowadays. The music seems that was made for me. Incredible !!! It makes part of the soundtrack of my life.
  • Deak from Kansas City, MoThis is the song that Metallica was playing when Hetfield got burned by the effects pod. It was at this time that Metallica was touring with Guns 'n' Roses. GnR was top play after Metallica but after Hetfiled's injury Axl Rose cancelled their show because he didn't want to be upstaged. This created a lot of hostility between Metallica and Axl Rose and caused rioting after the concert.
  • Sk from New York City, NyI specially love "Emptiness is filling me to the point of agony". Wow. That's so spot on. It truly amazes me.
  • Sk from New York City, NyI agree completely with Jeff. Having been in a "stressful" or simply "sad" situation, I can relate to the song completely. Each and every syllable evokes scarring memories. Memories not of years ago, but days ago. This song spoke to my heart. Taught me that suicide is a cowardly, stupid way of going about things. It taught me that after you slit your wrists or whatever, you're really going to regret it, probably end up somewhere far worse than this life (if that's possible!)... So yeah, I'm absolutely, 100% certain that James could not have written about these feelings unless he truly went through them. It may seem like common knowledge, but the depth he has gone into cannot be made up or retold. It has come from sheer experience. I should be able to tell as I have been there, done that. This is such an amazing song primarily cuz its GENUINE. REAL. not just commercial and money-making. I love it!
  • Johnny Thunder from Lakeside, Cathe peacful melodies in the begining and heavy riffs througout and amazing solos at the end what better can a fan get from a song. METALLICA FOREVER!!!!!!
  • Sandesh Baral from Kathmandu, NepalI think that this is not only greatest metallica song but the greatest song in the whole world. Everything is just perfect in this song, from lyrics(especially the last lines) to james' vocals to the mindblowing guitar solo. I often get emotional listening to his song. metallica the metal gods
  • Matt from Bakersfield, Cathis song is freaken awesonme, it's deffinitly one of my favorite songs ever. the guitar solos at the end are just awesome they are out of this world!
  • Keith from Edinburgh, United KingdomOne of Metallica's best ever songs.It was the last song Jason Newstead played live with the band before quitting.
  • Sherbert from Middletown, CtThis song is a magnificent piece of art. If you combined beetoven and mozart and all of the greatest composers together it would take them 20 years to match this song in greatness. I agree with everyone else; if you say youre a die-hard metallica fan and you havent heard or dont like this song you are a fake.
  • John C Reilly from Rhody, AlIdk why you people are saying this was written about Cliff burtons death.. this song came out in 84 and burton died in 86.
  • Jon from Enumclaw , WaI have heard this song a few times in the past week. It's nice to know it's being plyed more on the radio. I love this song!!!
  • Martin from Portland, OrHands down the best lyrics ever written and the guitar solo is as awesome as can be. SOOO tight that it was done as an improv just by thinking of sad things. 2nd best song ever played by any band
  • Matt from Houston, TxMy friend lucy is doing this in an audition for a band. she's been practicing for months. wish her luck everyone!
  • Tyler from Apple Valley,Not metallica's best, but surely one of them! They rule!
  • Hernan from Montevideo, UruguaySorry,I commited a serious mistake i didn't read well and I tiped wrong I wanted to refeer after 1999 cos' I don't like St.anger, Some kind of monster, and load (I know that load is previous 1999) Sorry guys! Aguante MetallicA!
  • Hernan from Montevideo, UruguayI just think that metallica is one of the best bands of all times, and I agree with the guys that say that metallica sucks after 1992 but I think the death magnetic is a very good album, specially The Judas kiss chorus and my apocalypse but is also great! Metallica rules! aguante!!!!!!!!
  • Rahul from Chennai, Indiathe guitar solo is outta this world.... welli guess the song is too
  • Luke from Dayton, OhThe very first time i heard this song, I could not put into words how awesome it is. One of my favorite metallica songs of all time.
  • Matt from Houston, TxJeff my situation was similar, except I wasn't in my car cause I couldn't drive at the time.It was midnight and I had insomnia. Maybe it was an effect of being suicidal. so I turned on the radio annd this came on. I had heard the song before but didn't know what it was called. I was going to kill myself at the end of the week.Sometime during the solo, I fell asleep. when I woke, I felt no need to end my life. I couldn't believe I had slept. to this day, I think of this song as a gift, not only for introducing me to metallica, but for saving my life.
  • Jon from Enumclaw , WaGreatest song ever by Metallica!!!!!!
  • Eric from Aston, PaI'm depressed over love a lot and I listen to this song. It's great. Metallica is my favorite band.
  • Jeff from Casa Grande, Azthere was a very low point in my life and I thought mostly of how I could end my life. And, though I had heard this song many times before, I am a long time Metallica fan, one day it came on the radio late at night, and the words just lept out at me. As if I had written them myself. It was breath-taking. The words I was hearing, seemingly for the first time ever, were saying everything that I was feeling during those low weeks. Whoever wrote this MUST have been feeling suicidal. There is no way someone could write these words and FEEL that depressed. It is impossible to fabricate such pretension. Perhaps, one of the most under-appreciated lyrics of all time. This was written with heart and soul. Mozart could have done no better. Now, this IS Metallica. Art. As it used to be. Life.
  • Matt from Lake Placid Ny, NyAwsome song it means lots to me now more then ever becuase im going through a break up ied put this in there top 10 METALLICA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Alex from Fresno, CaFade to Black, coupled with Sanitarium, are Metallica's greatest masterpieces. When I started typing this, I was gonna try and describe why, but I just realized that words cannot even begin to describe how amazing those two songs are. So I'm just gonna shut up.
  • Lydia from Auckland, New ZealandThis song is awesome - truly sad but with great riffs
  • Nick from Boston, Maone of my all time favorite songs
    this is so powerful. listen to it it will change your life
  • Alex from Wayland, MnI agree with you Myra
  • Myra from Chicago, IlThis is my favorite friggin' song by Metallica. This song is work of art. The guitar at the beginning and end of the song are played from the heart. If you play the guitar with emotion, trust me, it will be incredible and unique.
  • Brian from Camden, ScAs we know James is/was an alcoholic. He wrote this song while completely wasted. He realized that he was the only who could make himself quit.
    Its a dark place to be and death seems like a much easier option.

    F'n awsome song
  • Cal from Baltimore, Mdthis song is simple its a suicide note obviously if you would just read th lyrics lol its really good though it kicks ass
  • Ron from Newdelhi, IndiaLets be realistic .... first and for most read what has been written .... the song clearly talks about a man almost near close to his end ... time to die kinda sitution .. unfortunately its too late for the guy to correct his mess !
    lets say that its his last goodbye to the world ...
    more clarifications needed ... listen to paradise lost and i bet that what good feels for the guy
    "looking down from the ethereal skies,
    silent crystalline tears i've cried
    for all those who say their last goodbye
    to paradise"
  • Joel from Columbia, ScMy old roommate put this song on a mix CD along with a lot of other groups. Don't know why but it never seemed to fit in huh
  • Dzenis from Novi Pazar, SerbiaThis song rules! One of my first Metallica songs (First was Enter sandman, Sad but true and this one(at the beginning, I hated Nothing else matters))...This song is so full of feelings, blows your mind away, really...Don't know, I've heard that people have killed themselves because of this song (true or false?), but it produces contra-effect to me, it makes me feel alive...solos rule! Preformed live in Belgrade rules! I suggest you to watch that video. I think it is avalible on Youtube...Peace
  • Syton from Colorado Springs, CtI was depressed as hell about a week ago, and I listened to this song and it was just so beautiful in that moment. I'd relate it to depression and the feelings that come along with it, because I listened to it feeling that way and the lyrics fit the moment perfectly. Ridiculously good song by a ridiculously good band.
  • Kenny from Moweaqua, Ilok i made a mistake the song is "goodbye blue sky", which is the song that follows mother...and yes, there is a similar riff in "hey you", the wall was a concept album and so several different musical ideas are repeated throughout the album, like how there's that guitar riff in "hey you" that is the same as the vocal line "we don't need no education" in pt. 2 of "another brick in the wall"
  • Kenny from Moweaqua, Ilok about the pink floyd thing...i just listened to "the wall" in its entirety, and actually the first four notes or the acoustic intro riff (B F# G F#) are also in a riff from pink floyd's "mother"...however you can't say this song was "stolen" because its just one chord motif that is commonly used to create a sense of dispair, since there is only a 1/2 step between the 2nd and 3rd notes of the riff, giving it a very minor sound...just listen to "mother" where the four notes are repeated over and over...anyway i'm sure that metallica had all heard that song but did not maliciously intend to "steal" the riff...i think it's obvious that they are better musicians than that...this is one of my all time favorite metallica songs, along with "master of puppets", "sanitarium", and "one" (which also has a similar Bm riff in the intro) rock on metallica!
  • Jake from A-town, MiHey John- I think we all understand what the song meansto Metallica, and more specifically to James Hetfield. However, this song, like every great rock song, can be turned to have a greater meaning to each listener. It only enhances the song further. I think that was the point Travis was making.
  • John from Perth, AustraliaThis Song, while appearing to be written about death and suicide and an un-willingness to go on was originally written because Metallica had all their equipment stolen from them in 1984 and included in that gear was James Hetfields first and favourtie amp. It WAS NOT written about suicide or a family death and it WAS NOT written about Cliff Burton as he was alive until 1986, 2 years after Ride The Lightning was released. And while in Some kind Of Monster, James Points to an amp and says "This was my first amp", watch the moive with the band commentary and you hear James Discuss this and point out that while it is the same amp as the one he used too have, this one belongs to Bob Rock as the one James Had was stolen from him in 1984
  • Luke from Sydney, Australiagreat song it apears to deal with suicide
  • Travis from Greenback, TnThis song to me is about loseing somebody close,
    and wondering how to go on living in one of the verses it said i was me but know he's gone that was to me saying this person had so much of him and when they died or left it took alot of him to.
    Anyway this songs kick ass and is one of my favorite song of all time
  • Brandon from Oxford, AlThis song is a tribute to a fan which committed a suicide back in '83.
    Metallica got his letter of goodbye and that's why they wrote this song.
    A tribute to his love to Metallica.
  • Shane from Tipperary, Irelandalso the amp that brought about the whole thing was james'first amp bought by his mother who died just before he started metallica(was 16)
  • Liz from London, EnglandThe song, for me is about going so far into the depths of depression that you loose yourself.. "I was me but now hes gone" thats just one of the best lyrics written ever!!!
  • Jocaline from Brigham, UtFade to black is a very powerful song. And when you can hear a song and be overcome with emotion in the first rift... that's true musicianship
  • Bob from New York, NyAn extremely powerful song. Makes you think. Eeasily one of the best songs of all time. The combo of the singing/lyrics with the harmonic solos and rifts. Just so powerful.
  • Deco from Sligo, IrelandThis song as everybody should know is about death and suicide. Ironically it almost killed off Metallica as a group at a show in Montreal when James Hetfiels unsure of where he was meant to be stood right over a pyrotechnic on stage that was due to go off and unfortunately did severely burning all of James Hetfields arm. At this stage nobody knew if Metallica were going to continue but they carried on with James's guitar tech playing all his parts live while James just sang. His armed healed well and he now has a tattoo on that arm of flames just to remind him every day how lucky he was and is to be still playing music after that horrible accident
  • Diego from Los Angeles, CaThe best song about about suicide ever!!!
  • Jilly from Nashville, TnHaving gone through too many suicidal days, questioning, and all the things we do while contemplating, I would listen to Fade To Black, and realize I was not crazy or alone. There are others who truly understand the contemplation, and ths song helped me immensly get through the wicked thougts. Thanks
  • Jt from Tullahoma, TnI agree with you Evan. I've questioned death and wonder if it's my only escape. I used to kinda hate this song, it used to be that when I was depressed One would make me feel better, but this song feels just like it tells me not to do it. Metallica is the best thrash metal band ever, and I owe them way too much.
  • Evan from Otway, OhTrue, i've only heard this song once on the radio, and it freaked me out. My favorite Metallica so far, and it TOTALLY deserves it. This song makes me feel so much better deep down when im depressed. =)
  • Kabhal from Oklahoma City, OkDefinately the best song of Ride The Lightening by far, and arguably the best song made by Metallica IMO. Great song. Seriously. Most people just don't get it though, so it doesn't get as much airplay.
  • Igor Carrasquel from Caracas, OtherMaybe James Hetfield found his first amp that was stolen in 1984...In the last Metallica Documentary (St. Anger), James was talking to the cameras inside the HQ studio and he showed a very old amp and he said: "This is my first amp..." We can't be sure about that but maybe his amp appeared after being stolen (with all the others equipments) by 1984...Thanks for be a Metallica fan!!!
  • Nils from Oslo, NorwayActually, it really is, Sindre..
    Hetfield himself has stated so in quite a few interviews.
    "I know it's sort of drastic to write a song like that over an amp, but it was my favourite amp, man!"
    As far as I know, it was only Hetfield's amp that was stolen, but it may be more as well.
  • Dallas from Viking, CanadaI agree that earlier metallica rules, and I am only 13. This rates top three but I also still listen to reload mainly because of the unforgiven 2
  • Lee from San Jose, CaYou know, someone at my school today actually said this song is a "soft" rock song. I don't believe. I love Metallica and this song but its definitely not "soft". This is probably the best song on the Ride The Lightning album.
  • Jack from San Jose, United StatesI love this song by Metallica, it was one of the first songs I actually heard from them, on KSJO. This is also my favorite hammett solo, it's beautiful.
  • Tom from Kearny, NjIn the last 2 verses the person in the song realizes life is too good to let go, but by that time, its too late: "No one but me, can save myself but its too late."

    i allways took that line differntly.i thought of it more like,what ever was wrong,i was the only one who could fix it,but realzied that too late,and now im in over me head or somthing like that and cant change.but thats just me...i to can realy realte to this song,realy hits me in this point in my life right now...im sure alot of people can say the same...
  • Jeremy from Shelbyville, KyThe best song ever by Metallica.
  • Jul from Montreal, CaFade to Black is the best song I never heard from Metallica I love the guitar solo that Kirk plays at the end. A true fan who never listen at it is not a true one. We love you Metallica!!
  • Tony from Laredo, TxI love this song a lot and wish for Metallica to come out with more songs like this one. I live for this song to be honest it has become a part of me. I always hear this song every day because i live for this song.I think this song should go on as the greatest song ever written in the world.
  • David from Merseyside, Englandthe solo in this song is amazing, and this song definately does metallica justice, they are the greatest heavy metal band ever and this song goes along way towards proving it
  • Chris from Mooresville, NcOk, I couldn't help but laugh while reading these comments. First of all Fade to Black is about contemplating suicide; it has nothing to do with the '84 equipment robbery (which by the way James' first amp was not stolen it is in the HQ studio, and they didn't almost give up they just went around the country trying to find amps that sounded similar). Second, those songs by the Scorpions and Pink Floyd sound nothing like Fade to Black in anyway; just open your ears and you'll hear what I mean. Fade to Black is definitely one of the best. I do love how Kirk came up with the solo, "Hey, why don't I think of depressing stuff while I play."
  • Josh from Brisbane, AustraliaLove the solos
  • Jessica from Las Vegas, NvMetallica wrote this after their equipment was stolen in early '84 and they had to start all over again. More specifically, James Hetfield wrote the lyrics in response to one of his amps being stolen. Not only was this amp his favorite, but it was also the first amp he ever owned so it had a lot of sentimental value to him. The song is about losing everything and wondering if it is worth going on. (thanks, Brad - La Crosse, WI)

    I watched the movie, I didn't like it...but in the movie James pointed to his amp and claimed that that was his first amp he has ever owned. So I don't know if he found it after it got stolen, or that statement isn't true.
  • Eighteen from Marysville, MiMetallica's "Fade To Black" came out in 1984 which was a time in my life that i felt just like the lyrics in this song, "I was me but now he's gone". I was young and on my own far from the home that I knew. I remember hearing this song and it just pulls you in and puts you in a trance. The desperation, the sadness of the music and lyrics going together perfectly. Sounding so different than all the other metal music of the time. Real. Real music by real musicians for real metalheads and fans of really great music. This is a masterpiece. It's like a song coming from beyond the grave from a successful suicide. Was this song on Kurt Cobain's CD player when he killed himself?
  • Jul from Montreal, CaFade to balck is the best song that metallica never made with a lot of emotion and guitar solo.
    A metallica fan who never heard that song is not a true one. I hope every body will continue listening to this song over the years.
  • Mark from Cebu City, OtherFade to Black , although not as complex as Justice, is a real masterpiece, the most meaningful Metallica song of all time (Along with One)

  • Kristofer from Ã?rebro, SwedenI really love this song, but the best song from Metallica? I doubt it. I mean, it depends on the song. Fade to black is more of a powerballad, if you compare to Master Of Puppets for example.
  • Andy from Columbus, OhOne of the greatest songs, on one of the greatest albums of all time. A must have for anyone, Metallica fan or not!!
  • Charbel from SydneyI TOTALLY AGREE WITH "ADZ"!!!!!!!!!!!!!THIS IS ABSOLUTLETY RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    thanks ADZ
  • Adz from CarmarthenSince the release of St. Anger i've seen a million new metallica fans that just turn around and say "hey! have you heard of metallica?? i bought their album the other day! (referring to St.Anger) its amazing! they are soooo metal!" Now im sure every real metallica fan has encountered this. Even though st. anger was a complete disapointment they have earned themselves more fans with such sloppy riffs and tin-can drums than any of their albums (bar black). I don't understand this? Fade to Black on its own should have attracted more fans than it did. specialy because it was much more the prime music at the time compared to today. I love Fade to Black, I heard the live version and instantly had to buy the album. It still sends chills down my spine if i consentrate on the power of the riffs and lyrics. And i do agree that the solo is one of kirks greatest. oh and i don't agree that they wrote fade to black because of burtons death! Burton went on to record Puppetz before the accident.
  • Rossen from Sofia, BulgariaUndoubtfully, this song is the best ever. I have all albums and many live performances of these gods Metallica. Fade to black is song with many feelings and I have learned it to play with my guitar. The hole song, its so great, and the solos.. lyrics.. the end solo is just great, i'm trying to learn some parts but its too hard and sometimes i improvise :)
    GL All take care yourself, dont ever forget metallica and Fade to black.
  • Kevin from Cleveland, OhThe guitar riff that goes with the end guitar solo is probably more breathtaking than the solo itself, anybody agree?
  • Daniel Roberto DÃ?az from Panama City, OtherClifford Lee Burton was the second bassist in the band Metallica, joining the band in late 1982 replacing Ron McGovney. He co-wrote several Metallica songs, including "Master of Puppets," "Orion," "For Whom The Bell Tolls," and "Fade to Black." "When Metallica lost Cliff," said drummer Lars Ulrich, "they not only lost a bassist; they lost their soul."
  • Bryce from Windsor, CanadaFade To Black IS one of the greatest metal songs ever written. Although it is a somewhat depressing song it's gotta make you happy at the end to hear Hammet pour out that emotion so easily.
    Any Metallica fan that hasn't heard of Fade To Black isn't a Metallica fan.
  • William from Sarnia, CanadaFade to Black... Almost a premonition of what's to come of Blackburn Radio Inc.

    That freakshow of a circus that the outside world refers to as Blackburn Radio Inc., has got another thing coming.

    "Drive hard, calling all the shots. I got an ace card coming down on the rocks. If you think I'll sit around while you chip away my brain, listen I ain't foolin' and you better think again. Out there is a fortune waiting to be had, you think I'll let it go, you're mad... You've got another thing coming!"


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  • Greg from Fairfax, Vathis song has many diffrent meanings not just one to settle that part...what saddens me so is how rarely metallica plays this song live...i recently saw them live in 2004...it upset me when half of the concert was songs from st anger and the other half was from load and re load...if you truly love metallica as i do you would know about how they were incredible pre 1992 (in my oppinion tied for favortie band) (my other favorite is iron maiden) both of these bands had incredible music...if only rock was still around as it was in the 80's then all of you metallica fans of fade to black would practicly die of happiness (they had concerts practiclly every day with pretty much every band) all in all...fade to black is one of metallicas top three songs without a question. if only metallica and other great bands could have had a better chance before music took a turn for the worst...in an earlier concert of metallica during 1989 it was incredible and this was their finishing song which i still remember perfectly as they played it
  • Marcus from Nykoping, SwedenRE: Roger in NY:
    It is definitely not dedicated to Cliff Burton. You see, it was written like two years BEFORE his death. But it's still a great song, by the way.
  • Roger from The Burg, NyThis is wrong, the lyrics were written in memory of the death of bassist Cliff Burton.
  • David Lindsay from Dunedin, New ZealandTo comment on Brians post, a few modern day Metallica 'fans' don't listen to the earlier, better albiums. Its ashame they don't appreciate breath taking songs like fade to black
  • Trisha from Smithfield, IlI love every single Metallica song ever recorded, but Fade to Black to one of my favorites basically because I had actually considered suicide once. The song has more meaning to it when you can relate.
  • Christian from Broome, AustraliaOne of Metallicas best songs they've ever released. Each part of the song releases a different mood. (definately the end solo) I reckon it's one of Kirks best solo he's ever written. I've never seen metallica live so i'm hoping for them to play the song when they come to Australia sometime. I've learnt the whole song (except the last solo) and I definately recommend this song to learn on guitar.
  • Sam from Redditch, EnglandFade To Black was the 4th MetallicA song I heard, and if the previous three (being the frist three tracks on Ride The Lightening) hadn't already gripped me, then it was this one. It just made me think and feel like nothing else, truely one of MetallicA's best songs. One thing wrong with the Song Facts though, it wasn't written because they had equipment stolen, they wrote it when Jaymz was diagnosed with cancer (turned out he didn't...as you can probably guess) so thats why its about someone giving up life and etc
  • Ben from Perth, CanadaI am personally not a Metallica fan and can't say much for many of their songs that i have heard other than they are bend on deafening the audience but this song (being the only Metallica song I like along with enter sandman)touched me and it is truly a breathtaking song, the guitar work is not only gut wrenchingly loud but actually carries a good sounding melodic tune adn if probably better sounding loud. Too bad metallica didn't try to write more songs like this one, songs that have a tune to them because there is talent in the band no doubt.
  • Hildur from Reykjavik, IcelandThe best song ever! Whenever I listen to it I get goosebumps and my heart starts to beat faster. And to hear this song played live is the best thing ever.. There are so many feelings in this song and it's so beautiful that it's impossible not to like it.
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Ctits just such a great song its so meaninglfull, without a doubt the best ever metallica song! its always been one of my all time favorite songs
  • Michael Picard from Lapwai, IdThis song is so radical!!! Metallica is massive.
  • Michael from Zurich, SwitzerlandI have never heard anyone playing the guitar better than Kirk Hammett. His skills are amazing.
    Once you've heard it live, you can't stop listening to it.
  • Kyle from Montreal, CanadaIts amazing this song, they got the great meaningful lyrics and they know when tho make the song hard and when to make it soft. Crazy, man. This has always been my favorite song of theirs. Some days I just put this on repeat and listen to it full blast. The whole song gives me chills, again, its amazing.
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Ctso waht was "the equipment" we keep hearing about does anyone know what it was?
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Ctthe accustics do remind me a bit of hey you. i probably spelled accustics wrong
  • Iggyb387 from Staten, Nygreat song. for some reason, its main riff sounds exactly like "always somewhere" by scorpions. and the opening riff sound just a bit like pink floyd's "hey you". anyone else notice this.
  • Paulo from India, United StatesThis is the song that made me a Metallica fan.
  • Rick from Austin, TxTo not agree that; Kill em' All-& Justice for All; are in fact the progression of Metal Mastery starting with "The Call of Kutulu" next going to "Orion" and finally culminating in "To Live Is To Die" Classically Concieved Masterpieces! You know NOTHING of Metallica. With the exceptoin of some hard driving riffs on the Black Album, EVERYTHING after 1992 was Music for the Mindless, Billboard Music Award crowd(most everyone in America). Granted, Load Reload, and St. Anger are theoretically musically sound songs, it had none of the power/feel/message/SCREAMING SOLOS of pre-1992 Metallica. One last thing, to never have heard "Fade to Black" has to be someone who is 25 or younger and thinks "King Nothing" is extreme Metallica. Metallica=Classical Music(Vivaldi,Bach, etc..) We miss you Cliff!!
  • Charlie from Thomaston, Ctclassic metallica tune
  • Jessica from Des Plaines, IlAmazing!!!
  • Chris from Marana, AzThis is one of the more magical songs in the history of popular music, in the sense that I have run into so many people for whom this song was, especially as a teenager, of crucial importance. One thing the PMRC and groups like it in the 1980s did not account for, in regard to bleaker record lyrics, was the fact that they often had the opposite effect on people than they alleged. For most people in a darker place, this song reminded them that they were not alone, and in so doing, probably actually prevented suicides or other acts of desperation. I have known a lot of music fans, and this is one of the most cited "important songs," and the first Metallica song I ever liked. I am a person who is not ordinarily a fan of metal, but someone played this to me to demonstrate just how I was missing the boat on Metallica. If you take the term "Classic Rock" literally (as opposed to a genre designation), this certainly fits in the category; it is indeed a classic song. I wonder if Metallica fully realized what they were on to with this, given how goofy even non-commercial heavy metal could be at the time.
  • Nick from Denver, CoBetween this and AIC's "Down in a Hole", which is the better depressive song about hopelessness? I would have loved to see Staley cover this, and Hetfield the other. Of course, I am thinking about seeing Weiland cover Mr Brownstone at a Velvet Revolver show, so I am on a kick to see great bands cover each other's work where it might actually mean more to the cover artist. Cash playing NIN hurt, the whole Garage Inc album, etc...
  • Samuel from London, EnglandThis is the one of the most brilliant songs of all time. It can reach u on all emotional levels!
  • Tim from Leuven, Belgiumgreat intro
  • Rusty from London, CanadaWithout this song i would not be here today metallica inspired me to keep on living my life thankyou i love you guys.
  • Mariah from Miami, FlEvery time I hear it, I have to press "repeat" on my stereo.
  • Sam from Cleveland, OhThis is the only Mettalica song I really like. Its a great song and not very hard to play.

    By the way listen to Pink Floyds Goodbye Blue Sky, the backround riff is very simeler to the opening of this song.
  • Ian from New York, NyThis is their best song ever.
    Oh how wish they had played this for S&M.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandIf Kirk Hammett is only to be remembered for one piece of music then this is it.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandI've always thought of this as being very Lord of the Rings-esque; I can just imagine it being played during the Pelennor fields scenes in the film. That would've been so cool! In that respect, Metallica are quite similar to Led Zeppelin as they have both written epic fantastical songs.
  • Jimmy from Modesto, CaThis is Metallica's very best song but I also love "One" off their "In Justice for All" album...that's all I've got to say, oh and also, if you've never heard this song and you say you like Metallica, then you're just a fake...end of discussion.
  • Eric from Miami, Flfade to black is one of the top 3 songs ever made!
    thats all there is to say
  • Kevin from Salinas, CaThis song is the one of the greatest songs ever. The way that all the music all comes together is so perfect. The solos fit the song better than any other song i have ever heard. This song could be heard for many more years to come and listeners will still appreciate it.
  • Ryan from Salt Lake City, UtBy far the most meaningful and heart ripping songs by MetallicA
  • Rob from Pittsfield, MaThis is by far one of the deepest Metallica songs out there. It just hits the spot that everyone feels and yet won't talk about it.If someone says they are a Metallica fan and have not heard or don't like this song...they are fakes.
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandThis song is fckin amazin; it's pure gold from start to finish! Definitely Metallica's best song, no contest! That intro just sucks u in and chris you're right, you just have to listen to the rest of it. And that solo! I mean that is Kirk Hammett in his element and it shows just how great he is. Not just a great hard rock/metal song but a great song on any level and I think it's a shame that it's not widely known amongst the general public; it should definitely get more airplay. It's also a shame cos here in England, Metallica don't seem to get much airplay at all and that's the same for most hard rock bands; Our radio sucks big time! That' why I envy you Americans, your radio is so much better!
  • Dan from Trenton, NjBest Metallica song ever, one of the greatest songs ever, and my favorite song period. Radio stations should give it more air play. Your not a true Metallica fan if you don't like it.
  • Joe from Dublin, OhDefinitly top 3 metallica song. Very very excellent. I you dont know this song, then your not a metallica fan.period.
  • Luke from Memphis, TnThat song (and the whole album for that matter) is the best songs of all time. Few bands can be metal and get away with the occasional ballad.
  • Ryan from Scone, AustraliaAnyone who hasn't heard this song cannot possibly BE a Metallica fan. In my mind it is definitely one of the greatest songs of all time.
  • Craig from Cumbria, North West England, EnglandThe lyrics of this song speak volumes. Its a song that most teenagers can relate to at one point or another! The general them of sadness, Depression and contomplating taking ones life is an amazing formula. It has so much energy its unbelievable.
  • Branden from Uhrichsvill, OhThis is a song about suicide and reaching the breaking point of pulling the gun. Where you have no hope or spirt left to want to go on anymore. Because you see nothing to live for nobody cares about you and the only answer is to end it by taking your life. I know this becase I almost did myself... but I found something to life for.
  • Ryan from Lutz, Fl'tallica didn't get much, if any, heat for this song. It's a slower song, but the music is still 'tallica and the theme of the song called for parts of it to be slower. It was still heavy. They didn't get heat from their "hardcore fans" until the Black Album at the earliest with "Nothing Else Matters." When the stuff hit the proverbial fan was when they came out with Load and they had cut their hair. And also, James said himself in an interview that he and Lars were in a dark place and they were exploring the ideas of death and suicide, not any of this stuff about stolen amps (which obviously sucked some big nuts, but didn't inspire the song).
  • Terence from Mumbai, Indiathe begining and the final 2 mins of the song are quite simply put "out of this world"..kirk take a bow,its the darkness one feels inside ,like loosing a part of you.
  • Will from Mcallen , Txmetallica got alot of heat from thier "haardcore fans " for this song. what they dont get is how beautiful and meaningfull this song is. about a man writing his final letter while in his death bed. "yesterday seems as though it never existed" is the man asking if anything he did ever really mattered. a prologue to metallicas ever changing sound
  • Chris from Victoria, TxFade to black is one of those songs if you hear the beginning you gotta finish the song. Arguably Metallica's best song.
  • Brian from Mayfield Heights, OhOne of metallica's best undoubtedly. I own every metallica album, have heard almost every studio song.. not to brag or anything... but the point is, i know metallica, and i know they've never equalled some of the feeling they put into that song. I get goosebumps during that solo, too, just like any living, breathing person should.
  • Vishal from Lucknow, United Statesfade to black is one song which shall never fade to black.........the chords are awesome.....the lyrics are too good......undoubtedly one of metallica's best song.. !!
  • Louis from London, Englandthe intro is awesome, then it breaks into the plucked chords bit, thats the best bit
  • Mike from Long Island, Nythe lyrics are perfect, the guitar solo is perfect. I get goosebumps every time i hear it, the best of metallica and one of the best in all music.
  • Luke from Manchester, EnglandThis song is an ode to losing it all, written partly about a person Metallica knew who was suicidal and partly about the bands rare and valuable amps that were stolen on the end of a tour.
  • Glen from Fgura, EuropeThis song surely makes the Top 10 of all time ! By far Metallica's best song!!
  • Brian from Paoli, InOne of the best songs ever written. Most Metallica 'fans' have never even heard of it. Music that just blows your mind, how anyone can play guitar like that is beyond me.
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