Album: Kill 'Em All (1983)
  • Jason, you're too fucking metal man
    Too metal for your own good
    You guys want some more don't ya
    we're just getting warmed up now man
    how about some more old shit from kill em all eh
    you don't mind if we speed it up some huh?
    So, we need to see some action out there if you fucking don't know by now
    makes us feel real fucking good
    so, uh, get your dancing shoes on.
    you know the words follow me motherfucker

    Adrenaline starts to flow
    thrashing all around
    Acting like a maniac

    hey man, I need to see some action out there
    come on you pussies!
    yeah, you guessed it, it's whiplash
    one two four three two and a half

    Late at night all systems go
    come to see the show
    We do our best, you're the rest
    You make it real you know
    There is a feeling deep inside
    That drives you fuckin' mad
    A feeling of a hammerhead
    You need it oh so bad

    Adrenaline starts to flow
    thrashing all around
    Acting like a maniac
    (Whiplash) yeah whiplash

    Bang your head against the stage
    Like you never did before
    Make it ring, make it bleed
    Make it fucking sore
    In a frenzied madness
    With your leather and your spikes
    Heads are bobbing all around
    It is hot as hell tonight

    Adrenaline starts to flow
    thrashing all around
    Acting like a maniac
    what is it? (Whiplash )
    it's fucking whiplash

    Here on the stage the Marshall noise
    Is piercing through your ears
    It kicks your ass kick your face
    Exploding feeling nears
    Now is the time to let it rip
    To let it fuckin' loose
    We are gathered here to maim and kill
    'Cause this is what we choose

    Adrenaline starts to flow
    thrashing all around
    Acting like a maniac
    (Whiplash) yeah, give it to me one time

    hey hey hey (hey hey hey hey) yeah, here we go

    yeah whiplash. get it and fuck em up

    The show is through the metal is gone
    It is time to hit the road
    Another town, another gig
    Again we will explode
    Hotel rooms and motorways
    Life out here is raw
    But we will never stop we will never quit

    'Cause you're Metallica

    Adrenaline starts to flow
    You're thrashing all around
    Acting like a maniac

    hey hey (hey hey hey hey hey)

    thank you Mexico city, we'll see you around
    good night from Metallica
    thank you! Writer/s: JAMES ALAN HETFIELD, LARS ULRICH
    Publisher: Songtrust Ave
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 7

  • Acidiumsix from East Bay CalifornicaterThe songs meaning is obvious... I really think listing the dialogue of a live performance as being the lyrics to the song is about as lame as it gets man! I'm embarrassed for the person who set that up... funny!
  • Matt from Bakersfield, CaI heard Motorhead cover this song. The way they play it its sounds like they made this song themselves. It sounds like their songs. Their cover is awesome.
  • Matt from Bakersfield, CaWhiplash is a awesome tune to listen to every time it comes on. this song is so fast and head bangingly great that it's impossible not to bang your head slightly. even if you didn't mean to do it.
  • Luke from Dayton, Ohi think this song is metallica's 'signiture' song that defines them the most. Plus its just really freakin awesome.
  • Jason from Denver, CoThis is the first song I ever heard from metallica.The first time I heard was on a radio station called Z-ROCK, Anyone remember Z-ROCK??
    Anywhat, maybe this is why I have the words SO WHAT tattooed on me. METALLICA FOREVER!!!!!!!
  • Aaron from Seattle, WaThis is an awesome song to Mosh to.
  • Cristina from Long Beach, Cai think that this song is so cool to and by the way they think it is all about music and so do i
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