Album: Kingwood (2005)
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  • Hey, what the hell do you want me to do?
    Hey, does it look like I'm steady to you?
    You might look twice, 'cause I'm moving

    Okay, you see that I can walk which is good
    But still you're trying to make me talk like you would
    Your intention's nice, you're improving

    For all you know, you're doing fine
    But I guess it shows
    That even jewelery that's fake does shine

    So shut your mouth now, big boy
    I'm just myself, not your toy
    It's in my nature to be changing
    Now is it so hard to see
    You can not make me to be
    Someone who never will be changing?

    So what the hell do you want me to say?
    Another half-ass rhyme, another cliche?
    You might be right for this one time

    You take for granted I'm your servant subdued
    It doesn't make sense to me, but to you
    So here's one last bright make-shift rhyme

    For all you know I'm just a fool
    But I guess that shows
    You can not judge a dog just by it's drool


    And I'm losing you,
    With a big smile on my face
    You're nothing new,
    Not hard to replace

    I'm losing you,
    But I'm not loosing ground
    So peek-a-boo,
    And you won't be around
    You won't be around

    No, you won't be around


    'Cause I change with time
    And that's not a crime
    Someone like you cannot derange me
    Yeah, I change with time
    And that's not a crime
    Its in my nature to be changing
    Publisher: MOTHERSHIP MUSIC PUBLISHING, Universal Music Publishing Group, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
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