Filth Pig

Album: Filth Pig (1996)
  • I start out you're in a daze and people start younger
    In a thousand days and it's getting overexposed
    Then someone asks, "How do you sleep at night?"
    With the borrowed dreams from a broken past

    You keep runnin' away don't matter how fast
    or long you always wind up there
    Another thousand pileups in the ugly name of morality
    Fucking ugly, some creepy guy keeps asking

    "How the fuck do you sleep at night?"
    With a frozen dream and a borrowed hope that died
    Filth pig, filth pig
    I sleep with both eyes open

    Filth pig, filth pig
    I keep chasing this tail but the tail gets bigger go figure
    A thousand... keep the fires and flames alive
    So how the fuck do I dream at night?

    With the memories of a borrowed death, the guilty tide
    Filth pig, filth pig
    He sleeps with both eyes open
    Filth pig, filth pig

    He sleeps all right because he's a
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
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  • Gladys from Chicago, IlActually, Al J was reportedly VERY unhappy with the way that first release turned out; he didn't feel it portrayed Ministry as they really were. In fact, I read somewhere that he refers to this album as "an abortion."

    Now, if you REALLY want some kick-ass Ministry, find "Just One Fix" or "Stigmata"...
  • Nathan Mueller from Eagan, MnGet to the root of this band and get a taste of what 'alternative' music was when that phrase was coined. Listen to Ministry's "With Sympathy". the whole "goth" thing started many moons ago, and "everyday is like halloween" will give you that.

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