Home Sweet Home

Album: Theatre of Pain (1985)
Charted: 37 37
  • You know I'm a dreamer
    But my heart's of gold
    I had to run away high
    So I wouldn't come home low

    Just when things went right
    It doesn't mean they were always wrong
    Just take this song and you'll never feel
    Left all alone

    Take me to your heart
    Feel me in your bones
    Just one more night
    And I'm comin' off this

    Long and winding road
    I'm on my way
    I'm on my way
    Home sweet home

    Tonight tonight
    I'm on my way
    I'm on my way
    Home sweet home

    You know that I've seen
    Too many romantic dreams
    Up in lights, fallin' off
    The silver screen

    My heart's like an open book
    For the whole world to read
    Sometimes nothing keeps me together
    At the seams

    I'm on my way
    I'm on my way
    Home sweet home
    Tonight tonight

    I'm on my way
    Just set me free
    Home sweet home
    Home sweet home
    Home sweet home
    Home sweet home

    I'm on my way
    I'm on my way
    Home sweet home
    Yeah yeah

    I'm on my way
    Just set me free
    Home sweet home

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  • Cyberpope from Richmond, CanadaHeard this on an episode of Californication -- so angst-appropriate in the scene!
  • Cyberpope from Richmond, CanadaBest! Rock! Ballad! Ever!
  • Diablo from Chicago, Il@Sis, Columbus, IN

    My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw Ferris pass out at 31 Flavors last night.

    Try again or at least post her name so I can facebook her
  • Ciara from Ses, Beninevery bad boy has a soft side tommy rocks and nikki
  • Bree from Atlanta, Gathis ia a totally awesome song i love motley crue
  • Jennifer Harris from Grand Blanc, Mithis is my favorite Motley crue song.I love the video,too.
  • Mike from Chicago, IlOh My Sweet Lord..someone did a REALLY BAD country version of this song and they are using it on American Idol. What the hell is this world coming to?
  • Sis from Columbus, InReunion Arena...It was Tommy's birthday and we all got mooned...the concert rocked! The "titty shot" girl slept with my friend's boyfriend in highschool and apparently was spreading a gift that kept on giving back then.
  • Jason from State Of Fitz, Njgreat song, every band tried to top it for about six years and never came close.Long live the Crue
  • Jeanette from Elkridge, MdThis song is nothing short of a classic. Definetly the best ballad to come from a heavy metal/ hair band. I love the piano part; especially since it's not that hard to play. It will never go out of style!!
  • Paul from California, SdTHE landmark power ballad. The Crue were so influencial. I mean they took what van halen sarted and catapulted it into the stratosphere. They also started glam in the U.S.Plus, they started, arguably, the sub-genre known as sleaze metal.They don make-up for one album, the next year, Poison and Cinderella get signed. They release Girls, Girls, Girls, within the next six months, G-N-R gets an album deal and cuts thier infamous debut. I'm telling ya, I would have a hard time believing that ther was a more influential bande in the 80's, and even to this day, t0o a certian extent. Oh, yeah, although not their best, absolutely top 10, in their catalouge.
  • Jacqueline from Detroit, MiLimp Bizkit did a cover of this song, combined with the Verve's "Bitter Sweet Symphony".
  • Logan from Troy, MtIn the remake version of Home Sweet Home featuring Chester Bennington of Linkin Park, the words and most of the song is remade almost different words to be a dedication to the Hurricane Katrina victims.

    Original - "I had to run away high, so I wouldn't come home low."

    New - "I had to run away and hide, 'Cause I couldn't come home."

    Original - "Just as things went right, doesn't mean they were always wrong."

    New - " Just as things went right, suddenly it all went wrong."

  • Snake from Custer , SdI just seen The Crue the other night in Rapid City SD, when they peformed this song, it was in awesome, Vince had us sing the first two verses then he fininshed it and thanked us for our good job.
  • Mleissa from Wasaga Beach, Canadathis is an awesome song. i looove motley crue lol espcially mick mars. hes the coolest
  • Tammy from Nashville, TnThis video was filmed at the Reunion Arena in Dallas, Texas. I was there with my headbanging buddy, 4th row in front of Mick Mars - and yes, we all saw the girl with the gold, butterfly sequined shirt when she decided to "titty shot" the camera! Great concert - fun to see the video now and know we were part of that :)
  • Madeline from Melbourne, Australiaone of Crue's best
  • Aj from Cleveland, GaCrue's best song.
  • Jordan from Allegan, MiI think this is a great song to listen to. It has really good lyrics to it. It is very up tempo. I think it should have toped the charts.
  • Randell from Mounds, Okthe red, white, & Crue tour kicked ass. this song is really good live. Tommy Lee had the keyboard set up at the back of his drum set.
  • Randi from Erlanger, Kytommy lee's piano part during the song was supposed to be played on a grand piano. when they got to the recording studio there was nothing but a flimsy keyboard. when the band re-released the song in '91 tommy had the chance to record with a grand piano as planned.
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