Teenage Headache Dreams

  • I want to be free
    Remember how we used to be?
    Sit at home and dream
    Stare at each other like TV
    Teenage headache dreams
    Come back to me at night
    And try as though I might to live for now
    I don't know how
    I just feel down
    Teenage headache dreams
    Seems like the good time's over
    But nothing's really over anymore
    Just take control

    I want to be free
    Romanticize reality
    Reminds me what it means
    To be me
    Teenage headache dreams
    I'll give up on the fight
    To try as though I'd like to leave the moment
    I don't know how
    Teenage headache dreams
    Up all night
    To taste life twice
    When I think back again
    Oh, back again

    She rests her head on my shoulder
    Just like always
    Teen movies, older too
    She softly spoke the words
    Is it gonna be okay?
    What the hell am I gonna do today?
    I'm like a runaway train and I
    Try to explain
    It has to be
    Just try and see tomorrow
    You'll look back fondly, I promise

    Teenage headache dreams
    Teenage headache dreams
    Teenage headache dreams
    Up all night
    To taste life twice

    Teenage headache dreams
    Teenage headache dreams
    And try as though I might to live for now Writer/s: Alexander Crossan, Ellen Rowsell
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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