Album: Mushroomhead (1995)
  • Mother may I?
    Mother may I please go outside and play?
    Don't put me back in the dark
    I promise I will not tell anyone
    Mother may I?

    Mother may I please share our little secret of love?
    The way that you touch me, Should I feel shame?

    Mother may I?
    Mother may I please feel your warm embrace?
    Mother may I? I feel your hands on my face
    No you can't go out but you may cum inside of me
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  • Anthony from Odessa, NyActually she is from racermason not the frans.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjAll right, man, calm down. I'm not a kid, I'm 26. And no, I do not find rape/molestation in real life to be funny in the least. If you listen to the rest of the s/t album, lyrically and musically and thematically is a lot less mature than later efforts (if not just downright goofy) is all I meant.
  • He from Hell, GaOr, seeing as the comments/facts on this site or organized the way they are, it would be the kid who wrote the second song fact, not the first one, that I directed that it.
  • He from Hell, GaThe kid who wrote the first song fact and the one who wrote the first comment, you think they did this to be funny? They didn't. This song is about how the child in this situation feels, how he/she is confused, scared, etc. This song wasn't written to shock people, this was written to send a message and make people realize that stuff like this is actually happening. You two obviously do not believe rape and child molestation are serious issues. You would think differently if it were to happen to you or someone you know.
  • Zero from Nowhere, NjOh, yeah, creepy, warped song. The band wasn't taking themselves too seriously when they made this album.
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