Once For All

Album: Your Mercy (2016)
  • Behold this King so innocent
    A crown of thorns upon His head
    Feel His heart, His heart of grace

    Behold this Man of suffering
    Who bore the cross and all our shame
    Breathe again, this mystery

    Nailed to a cross
    There in our place
    Oh Lamb of God
    You made a way

    Once for all
    You died so I could live again
    Once for all
    You washed away our sin
    Streams of mercy and love
    Flowing free forevermore
    And Your blood ran down
    Once for all

    The scars of love can still be seen
    On Your hands and on Your feet
    We feel Your heart, Your heart of grace

    Heaven's gates opened wide
    You have raised us up to life
    We breathe again, this mystery

    In the shadow of the cross
    We see our shame for what it was
    And feel Your heart, Your heart of grace

    We see Your power breaking through
    And all that we've become in You
    We breathe again, this mystery

    Up from the grave
    Now raised to life
    Oh Son of God
    We lift You high


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