Come Talk To Me

  • The wretched desert takes its form
    The jackal proud and tight
    In search of you I feel my way
    Through slowest heaving night
    Whatever fear invents
    I swear it makes no sense
    I reach out through the border fence
    Come down, come talk to me

    In the swirling curling storm of desire
    Unuttered words hold fast
    With reptile tongue, the lightning lashes
    Towers built to last
    Darkness creeps in like a thief
    And offers no relief
    Why are you shaking like a leaf?
    Come on, come talk to me

    Oh please talk to me
    Won't you please talk to me
    We can unlock this misery
    Come on, come talk to me
    I did not come to steal
    This all is so unreal
    Can't you show me how you feel?
    Now come on, come talk to me
    Come talk to me
    Come talk to me

    The earthly power sucks shadowed milk
    From sleepy tears undone
    From nippled skin as smooth as silk
    The bugles blow as one
    You lie there with your eyes half closed
    Like there's no-one there at all
    There's a tension pulling on your face
    Come on, come talk to me

    Won't you please talk to me?
    If you'd just talk to me
    Unblock this misery
    If you'd only talk to me
    Don't you ever change your mind
    Now your future's so defined
    And you act so deaf, so blind
    Come on, come talk to me
    Come talk to me
    Come talk to me

    I can imagine the moment
    Breaking out through the silence
    All the things that we both might say
    And the heart, it will not be denied
    'Til we're both on the same damn side
    All the barriers blown away

    I said please talk to me
    Won't you please come talk to me?
    Just like it used to be
    Come on, come talk to me
    I did not come to steal
    This all is so unreal
    Can you show me how you feel?
    Now come on, come talk to me
    Come talk to me
    Come talk to me Writer/s: Peter Gabriel
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Bob from OrlandoStuuka63 I was there too. Went alone buying a single seat at the last minute. greatest concert decision I ever made. it was a great seat too! first level of the stands, stage level...amazing.
  • Stuuka63 from St. Augustine, Fla.Went to his show in Orlando, Fla.way back when.
    My/ gf was like please take me to see Peter Gabriel.
    I was like remember where I parked, come on out when it’s over.
    Mind blow, I went back inside n this guy tore it the floor.
    Maybe one of the greatest shows ever.

  • Frank from Cambridge, MaI admire Gabriel for his candor. The panned phone righs made much more sense when I found out what the song meant to him. There was a month or two when I'd go through withdrawals if I didn't watch "The Secret World" video every day. I think that was his best band. And it's good to see another Manu fan. His unique and subtle style causes him to be underated at times.
  • Grayson from Cleveland, Ohextremely beautiful song. the concert performance of it was incredible. so was the whole Secret World tour.
  • Rue from Vancouver , WyStill brings tears to my eyes. Manu is the drummers drummer.
  • Lauren from Bensalem, Pawhat are they saying in the chanting that you hear towards the end of the song?
  • Jenny from Chicago, IlDuring the tour, with this song he had phone cords stretched everywhere by the end of the song
  • Travis from Somwhere, United StatesGabriel's daughter Melanie, for whom the song is written, went on to sing the song with Gabriel on tours supporting th Up album.
  • Derek from Esperance, AustraliaBrilliant song, opened his "Secret World" concert. I think the live version is best.
  • Alan from Delray Beach, FlBeautiful song, with incredible sound effects and wonderful instruments. Some of Peter Gabriel's best work.
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