Album: Peter Gabriel (second, scratch) (1978)
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  • Don't tell me what I will do, 'cause I won't
    Don't tell me to believe in you, 'cause I don't
    Be on your guard, better hostile and don't risk affection
    Like flesh to the bone in the no-go zone
    You're still waiting for the resurrection
    Come up to me with your "What did you say?"
    And I'll tell you straight in the eye

    D.I.Y. D.I.Y. D.I.Y. D.I.Y. D.I.Y. D.I.Y. D.I.Y. D.I.Y.
    Do it yourself

    Everyone want to be what he not, what he not
    Nobody happy with what he got, what he got
    You function like a dummy with a new ventriloquist
    Do you say nothing yourself?
    Hanging like a thriller on the final twist
    You know you're getting stuck on the shelf
    Come up to me with your "What did you say?"
    And I'll tell you straight in the eye

    D.I.Y. D.I.Y. D.I.Y. D.I.Y.

    When things get so big, I don't trust them at all
    You want some control,you've got to keep it small

    D.I.Y. D.I.Y. D.I.Y. D.I.Y.
    Do it yourself Writer/s: PETER GABRIEL
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Jim Ellis from Lemon Grove, CaHis second album was pretty lame. Felt like he was still looking for his voice and direction.
  • Nes from San Fransisco , CaThis was also released on a 45 with two versions of the song one the album mix the other an electronic mix
  • Liquid Len from Ottawa, CanadaAlso about taking control of his career after leaving Genesis. 'When things get too big, I dont trust them at all'.
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