Stay Too Long

Album: The Defamation Of Strickland Banks (2010)
Charted: 9
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  • I know what's to come,
    Though I'm feelin happy now,
    I know when I'm drunk,in ways it always lets me down,
    Cos I always stay too long,
    Long enough for something to go wrong,
    I'm in a a brawl,
    Because I won't take your lying now,
    The writing's on the wall,
    The Police are on they're way right now.
    Cos I always stay too long,
    Long enough for somthing to go wrong,
    Yeah I always stay too long,
    It's better late instead of singing my

    I've got my peeps there with me shouting pull up your socks,
    Cos we just broke the law and now were running from cops,
    I got my lip bust fighting,
    Now there's blood on my top,
    And I'm still out looking for,
    A party,
    Somewhere to stop,
    I've got my peeps then tellin me they know where it's at,
    So I pull out twenty notes and jump straight into a cab,
    I'm on my way to where i'm going thinkin I need more Jack,
    But that probably aint the brightest idea I've ever had,

    I always stay too long,
    Long enough for something to go wrong,
    On a run from the law,
    I'm lookin' worse for wear,

    I go for a door,
    Suddenly I find myself somewhere,
    Something's bound to go wrong,
    If I stay too long,
    I know I'm gotta get to dawn,
    Before I start singin my s-s-song,

    S-s-s-s-song-song s-s-song s-s-song s-s-s-s-song song-song
    Ah c'mon,
    Ah c'mon,
    Ah c'mon,

    I've got my peeps then with me at the bar doing shots,
    Cos now we're so fucking plastered we don't know when to stop,
    I've got my girlfreind ringing me,
    Belling me up,

    I know I should probably answer but I just can't be fucked,
    I've got my peeps then with me and i'm havin a blast,
    I'm feeling so fucking good right now,
    I want it to last,
    So I put my phone on silent,
    And I refill my glass,
    The music's so fucking banging feel I wanna dance,
    I'm at the bar and I see a chick checking me out,
    Form afar yeah she wants my dick there aint a doubt,
    She's got a skirt so short,
    It makes you drool from the mouth,
    Looking my way as if to say i'm in with a shout,
    So I pull a chair over there and buy her a drink,
    She says 'Cheers' I say 'yeah' , our glasses go clink
    Now I'm being bad in the car rubbing this girl,
    Once the cab is paid we make my way up to the hotel,
    Now I'm in the lift,
    Getting lips,
    Go nice and slow,

    But do I care? Do I fuck! I'm on a roll,
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