Album: Goon Affiliated (2010)
  • Baby if you don't feel good right now
    And your body hurtin' you right now
    You just need a shot of me
    I'm jus' like medicine

    Shawty I'm your insulin
    Baby I'm your insulin
    I think ya need, I think ya need, I think ya need ya medicine
    Baby I'm your insulin
    Shawty I'm your insulin
    I think ya need, I think ya need, I think ya need ya medicine.
    I'll be your prescription
    Come and take a dose of me
    Once you get a dose of me, you'll think that I'm your medicine
    Shawty you my medicine
    Your medicine
    I think I need, I think I need, I think I need my medicine

    One teaspoon of me is somethin' like a bag of blow
    Too much of me too fast and you'll overdose
    Treat ya like a newborn
    Baby I'll feed you slow
    And if I really fucks with' ya I'll give you a double dose
    I'm your lil' double stack pop me you really roll
    Night time, day time, I can give it to you both
    Anytime you want it I can give it to you that's for sure
    Keep ya up all night I can be your no dose
    Need your prescription see or holla at me
    Let me know
    Call me or text me baby when you need some more
    I give you Becky baby when your body sore
    This is exclusive
    You can't buy this in the store


    [Verse 2: Plies]
    I can treat you any way ain't gotta put it in your veins
    Went in the first two seconds you'll feel da change
    Only did stuff for that you might feel is good pain
    One side affect of this medicine is butt game ?
    A half dose of me and I promise you won't be the same
    Addiction to this medicine is common
    Don't be ashamed
    And if you feel a lil' woozy after this
    Just hold my hand and I can numb your whole body just like Novocain
    I can make you come back
    You can call me Cocaine
    And if you take this first dose good I'm a up ya range
    On your prescription it will read Plies name
    The rest of your life you will not accept no lames


    Call me when you feel bad
    Call me on your sick day
    And I swing through and make sure your fever go away
    I can make you sweat it out
    Sweat on me it's okay
    Don't worry about your hair gettin' messed up, it's okay
    I get it redone for you baby I pay
    And If it's top notch and it feel good I stay
    I drink straight Yac
    Need no Rose
    You want it say, "I need my medicine"
    That's all you gotta say

    [Chorus] Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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