Break Up the Concrete

Album: Break Up the Concrete (2008)
  • Break Up The Concrete

    There was a red brick road where I grew up on
    And a pretty stone wall round a fragrant lawn
    Fish in the pond that sparkled in the dawn
    But it ain't no more it's all gone gone gone

    Ram it! Cram it! Grand Slam it!
    Break up the concrete, Break up the concrete
    Prod it! Sod it! Metal Rod it!
    Break up the concrete,
    Thwak it! Crack it! Line back it!
    Break up the concrete,
    Shake it! Bake it! Earthquake it!
    Break up the concrete

    And the depot over there right next to the tracks
    That the slaves put down, while breaking their backs
    But those Texas zoo no would ever get into a carriage
    Or anything that might lead to an interracial marriage


    Now don't tell me its progress cause that's just a lie
    And don't even try to come with an excuse why!
    We we're so busy worrying about them dropping the bomb
    We didn't notice where our enemy was really coming from!

    Hey boys c'mon let's do it!

    Ram it! Cram it! Grand Slam it!!
    Break up the concrete,
    Prod it! Sod it! Metal Rod it!
    Break up the concrete
    Shake it! Bake it! Earthquake it!
    Break up the concrete

    Ram it! Slam it! Just cram it!
    One more time!
    Break up the concrete
    Break up the concrete

    Now he who laid it, come back here and raid it! Writer/s: CHRISTINE HYNDE
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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