Sign O' the Times

Album: Sign O' the Times (1987)
Charted: 10 3
  • Oh yeah!
    In France, a skinny man died of a big disease with a little name
    By chance his girlfriend came across a needle and soon she did the same
    At home there are seventeen-year-old boys and their idea of fun
    Is being in a gang called 'The Disciples'
    High on crack and totin' a machine gun


    Hurricane Annie ripped the ceiling of a church and killed everyone inside
    You turn on the telly and every other story is tellin' you somebody died
    A sister killed her baby 'cause she couldn't afford to feed it
    And yet we're sending people to the moon
    In September, my cousin tried reefer for the very first time
    Now he's doing horse, it's June, unh


    It's silly, no?
    When a rocket ship explodes and everybody still wants to fly
    But some say a man ain't happy unless a man truly dies
    Oh why?


    Baby make a speech, Star Wars fly
    Neighbors just shine it on
    But if a night falls and a bomb falls
    Will anybody see the dawn?

    Time, mm

    Is it silly, no?
    When a rocket blows and, and everybody still wants to fly
    Some say man ain't happy truly until a man truly dies
    Oh why, oh why?
    Sign o' the times, unh


    Sign o' the times mess with your mind
    Hurry before it's too late
    Let's fall in love, get married, have a baby
    We'll call him Nate
    If it's a boy


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  • K.c. from NhJust a couple of years ago there used to be a channel that showed music videos, and my daughters (now ages 13 and 11) loved their show "'80s at 8". The video for this came on, no frills, just words floating around on the screen. However, both girls were captivated by the song and quickly became fans. They knew this and "Alphabet Street" before they had ever even heard of "Purple Rain" or "1999". Needless to say, they were devastated to hear the news this weekend. The younger one cried, and the older one hadn't even recovered from the loss of David Bowie, of whom she is a huge fan.
  • Markantney from BiloxeMar 2015,

    So I'm in a Club in Germany (in late 87 I believe), this (funky) song comes on and I said, "Man, who's that, almost sounds like Prince?". A dude or girl (can't remember exactly) said, "It is Prince, from his new Album."

    Of course there's other artists that are Geniuses too, but this dude is a cut above.
  • Budoshi from Sandnessjøen, NorwayThis song was very current in it's time, and is still current now.
  • Edwin from Vancouver, BcLove the sparse production. Prince was just so cool.
  • Aya from Nsw, -I love this song. His vocals when he sings about the rocket explosion are meltworthy..
  • Cyruse from Weqwer, BelgiumThis song is written 20 years ago. Reagan is replaced by Bush. Nothing has changed since.
  • Ma_cherie from Little Rock, Ar"Sign O' The Times" - the movie - was the first Prince movie I saw.
  • Grayson from Cleveland, OhBrilliant song from a Brilliant album from a Brilliant Artist.
  • Jolene from Melbourne, AustraliaJust an amazing song, the lyrics are so powerful. Price is certainly one of the most talented song writers and musicians ever.
  • Mauro Boscarol from Bolzano, ItalyNina Simone recorded this song at Oceanway Studio, in Hollywood in 1993 (never released).
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