Don't Try So Hard

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  • If you're searching out for something
    Don't try so hard
    I you're feeling kind of nothing
    Don't try so hard
    When your problems seem like mountains
    Feel the need to find some answers
    You can leave it for another day
    Don't try so hard

    But if you fall and take a tumble
    It won't be far
    If you fail you mustn't grumble
    Thank your lucky stars
    Just savor every mouthful
    And treasure every moment
    When the storms are raging round you
    Stay right where you are
    Oh don't try so hard
    Oh don't take it all to heart
    It's only fools they make these rules
    Don't try so hard

    One day you'll be a Sergeant Major
    Oh you'll be so proud
    Screaming out your bloody orders
    Hey but not too loud
    Polish all your shiny buttons
    Dressed as lamb instead of mutton
    But you never had to try
    To stand out from the crowd

    Oh what a beautiful world
    Is this the life for me
    Oh what a beautiful world
    It's the simple life for me

    Oh don't try so hard
    Oh don't take it all to heart
    It's only fools they make these rules
    Don't try so hard
    Don't try so hard
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Comments: 5

  • Lori from Greenville, ScNot one of favorite's songs fom Innuendo. But I like the reason for the song.
  • Jfv from Philadelphia, PaAlthough this song obviously addresses the concept of the sense of relief one might feel when they finally stop worrying about seemingly unimportant things, it also seems to be directed at people that spend a great deal of thought, time and energy in trying to be something they are not, in essence "putting on airs". The clever lyric, "dressed as lamb instead of mutton", poetically makes that point via the use of a simile. ~JFV (5/16/08)~
  • Wyatt from Anywhere, United StatesI love this song but its so depressing I can't listen to it much. My ex girlfreind used to say it was about me, probably because she thought I always try too hard. The whole album is great but a little hard to take as I kinda grew up with this band
  • Alex from Moscow, EuropeVery good lyrics, they always help me when i'm depressed or worried. One more grand song from Queen. One of the best songs from Innuendo.
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlThe Lyrics "Just savor every mouthfull, and treasure every moment-when the storms are raging round you, stay right where you are. Oh, dont try so hard! Oh, dont take it all to heart..." Have proved to be really helpful for me personally. I need to let a lot of things go and just savor what I can... but forget what i cant control.
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