I Want to Break Free

Album: The Works (1984)
Charted: 3 45
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  • I want to break free
    I want to break free
    I want to break free from your lies
    You're so self satisfied I don't need you
    I've got to break free
    God knows, God knows I want to break free

    I've fallen in love
    I've fallen in love for the first time
    And this time I know it's for real
    I've fallen in love, yeah
    God knows, God knows I've fallen in love

    It's strange but it's true, yeah
    I can't get over the way you love me like you do
    But I have to be sure
    When I walk out that door
    Oh, how I want to be free, baby
    Oh, how I want to be free
    Oh, how I want to break free

    But life still goes on
    I can't get used to living without, living without
    Living without you by my side
    I don't want to live alone, hey
    God knows, got to make it on my own

    So baby can't you see
    I've got to break free
    I've got to break free
    I want to break free, yeah
    I want, I want, I want, I want to break free Writer/s: John Deacon
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Susan from Illinois When I first saw this video I did not know it was in reference to Coronation Street, but I did find it totally funny. The craziest thing is the first time I saw the video I missed the video ID. I did not know the artist or name of the song. I see a woman get out of bed, then realize it’s Brian May! Next I see Freddie !!
  • Dios Moagi from Tzaneen, South AfricaMy friend's SK's all time favourite.
  • Tanya from ChicagoIn a 1996 questionaire from the Queen Fan Club, John answered the question as to what inspired this song: "Frustration"
    With that answer, I assume it is a very personal song (and the one he is most proud of). He was having problems at the time, considering seperation from his wife, (he has not worn a wedding ring since about 1981/82) so he may have wanted to leave his marriage OR he may have wanted to leave the band. Not sure who/what he wanted to break free from though. Who was lying to him? Who had he fallen in love with? Who could he not get used to living without by his side?
    He often mentioned being/living alone or being lonely in his songs, yet he was married with kids, so I wonder why he felt so isolated
  • Mike from MaThis is an often overlooked song I love it. Deacon definitely wrote some awesome songs and Freddie's vocals are perfect as usual. A great song by the greatest band ever. RIP Freddie
  • Daydream from Washington , DcThe song with the music video reminds me of the AIDS epidemic in the 80's. Breaking free from AIDS would make sense. The marchers with headlamps are similar to the candlelight marches. I know the song was written by John and it didn't have to do with this but that's what it reminds me of.
  • Steve from Hockessin, , DeI just don't get it. I didn't like this song the first time I heard it which was a couple months before the video appeared on MTV, (for about a week). 27 years later I still don't relly like it. However, the live version is far superior to the studio version. I'll take Spread Your Wings, You & I, In Only Seven Days, & even Cool Cat over this anyday!
  • Jessica from Tulsa, OkDefinitely one of my favorite songs from Queen.
  • Mark from Dartmouth, Ns'I want to break free from your lies/
    You're so self-satisfied I don't need you'

    One of my favourite rock lyrics of all time. What better way is there to tell somebody to **** off? :)
  • Ryan from Eaton, InEveryone claims (John included) that Deacon is happily married, and has always been perfectly happy with his home life...but I doubt this, when you look at the songs he wrote after '76: "Spread Your Wings", "Who Needs You", "In Only Seven Days", "Another One Bites The Dust", "Back Chat", "I Want To Break Free", "One Year Of Love"; even "You and I" from 'A Day At The Races' seems to point so some trouble at home... "You know I never could forsee the future years / I never could see where life was leading me / but will we be together forever? / What will be my love? / Can't you see that I just don't know..."
  • Mary from Rochester, MnFreddie Mercury said that part of the band's success was because of the fact that everyone wrote songs, so one member didn't get more money than others. John Deacon wrote some awesome songs!
  • Melissa from Newtown, Palove this song. totally embodies how i feel. i love freddie mercury and his voice
  • Matt from All Over The Shop, --this is another one of those songs that i thought had been a one hit wonder for some unknown band until about '92 i found out all these catchy pop hits were on greatest hits 2! i remember the petrol commercial this song was used for with the chain breaking! was probably shell, cos esso had the tiger ads.
  • Ched - from La Union, Philippines, -i love JOHN DEACON so much because he wrote most of my QUEEN favorite songs.... take a bow John!
  • Marcus from Richmond, Vabest queen song ever
  • Joe from Jax, FlI have always liked this song, back in the mid-80's it was a great dance tune in all the clubs.
  • Stefano from Rome, ItalyJonathon, I agree with you about Spread Your Wings, a really underrated song by John Deacon. According to Brian May, also the famous bassline of Under Pressure was John's.
  • Johnny from Los Angeles, CaWow that's weird. My favorite songs by Queen are written by John Deacon
  • Jonathon from Clermont, FlThis was one of Deacon's three biggest songs, along with "Another One Bites The Dust" and "You're My Best Friend", but he also has a lot of underrated songs like "Spread Your Wings"...
  • Billy from Otway, Ohthe song was featured in a Coca-Cola commercial. it featured people doing things that would get them in trouble.
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