These Are The Days Of Our Lives

Album: Innuendo (1991)
Charted: 1
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  • Sometimes I get to feelin'
    I was back in the old days, long ago
    When we were kids, when we were young
    Things seemed so perfect, you know?
    The days were endless, we were crazy, we were young
    The sun was always shinin', we just lived for fun
    Sometimes it seems like lately, I just don't know
    The rest of my life's been, just a show

    Those are the days of our lives
    The bad things in life were so few
    Those days are all gone now but one thing is true
    When I look and I find I still love you
    You can't turn back the clock, you can't turn back the tide
    Ain't that a shame?
    Ooh, I'd like to go back one time on a roller coaster ride
    When life was just a game
    No use in sitting and thinkin' on what you did
    When you can lay back and enjoy it through your kids
    Sometimes it seems like lately, I just don't know
    Better sit back and go, with the flow

    These are the days of our lives
    They've flown in the swiftness of time
    These days are all gone now but some things remain
    When I look and I find, no change

    Those were the days of our lives, yeah
    The bad things in life were so few
    Those days are all gone now but one thing's still true
    When I look and I find, I still love you
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  • Clayton from Flsome of these comments are killing me!
  • Bridget from CoBut I had fun! Maybe not a waste of time. Also, hopefully this is the last thing I have to say: On 5/13/2020, I was in the Google Classroom for our choir class when I noticed the teacher never posted a "Friday Challenge," which was an idea a 12th grader had. So I emailed the teacher letting her know. The next day, I had a hard time coming up with what I wanted to do for the next day. The very next day, I still had a hard time until a girl who is a 12th grader now made her version of "Yesterday" by The Beatles, dedicating it to the 12th graders (the challenge was senior dedication), and I decided to do my version of this song. It was close to 2pm, and I was so eager to tell the teacher AND I had a question that I had to go to Office Hours XD. So I told the teacher my idea, and she liked it. When I left the Google Meet, I did the challenge, and I got comments from the usual people, including my crush a few days later! Everyone liked it, even though I was trying to come up with it as I went and was talking to myself. Oh well!
  • Bridget from CoForgot to say, Melvin CWC never died; it was Project Zorgo lying as usual. So I used this song for nothing! What a waste of time making that project.
  • Commander Zurg from Mars, Solar System Number 376Freddie be like "bye-bye!" in the music video
  • Bridget from CoWell, that's when I was watching it LOL (around February 2020, not sometime in, I don't know 2016?). This is such a good song. I like that it was written because Freddie wanted to say goodbye. So sweet. Also, on 12/5/2020, a hacker group called Project Zorgo indirectly announced they killed one of their targets, named Melvin (I would say his last name, but I don't think it's a smart move, so look up Melvin CWC last name). I couldn't process what happened until the next day (probably because I was busy). I went onto Scratch the next day, made a project announcing it, and decided to make a tribute for him. I said all of that just to say that when I released it on 12/21/2020, the next day something didn't feel right so I added this song!
  • Chloe AndersonGoodbye Freddie, we still love you. And can people please stop spelling Freddie’s name wrong?! It’s Freddie, not Freddy!
  • Bridget from CoWhen the reason this was shot in black and white (AIDS overtook Freddie) was mentioned on a video on Queen, it was during our unit in school we are wrapping up, and it sparked my interest in HIV/AIDS the next day!
  • Kris from IndonesiaThis song was Freddie last chance saying goodbye to his fans, because Queen Band still there even he died. It's personal message from Freddie but the Band decided not to credited this song to an individual. Freddie messages was, he was very regretted and wished can turn back time, like the old times he was put a show on stages.
    He love to sing, wrote song's, he liked it very much more than anything, he can tell everything and anything trough a song. He was very very regrets about what his doing in social life (you all know what I'm saying). He was regrets and he just want to came back doing perform on stages, he was sorry for his death and he still love his fans. He wish could turn back time, but he knew he can't, he just can regret it. Goodbye Freddie....
  • Sen from India, KeralaBeautiful Song. So touching. Those words are so so heart touching. Freddie was great. He was a legend. Those days were actually Golden days of Music industry. So many high talented musicians were showed their talents. I enjoyed every music played and sung during that time. Millions we could say. Now a days I hear only some kind of craps and not music. THESE ARE THE DAYS OF OUR LIVES starts with a conga drums playing accompanied with guitar. Then came the heavenly voice of Freddie and it was flowing like a calm river. So crispy, so Clear and so nice. You can notice this when he sung the words The days were endless, we were crazy - we were young. So so sweet at the same time so sad. He looked so fragile in the video. The sad look in his eyes. He wanted to stay as good as possible through makeups. When he poured out the last word I still Love you, my heart ached. This type of music or musicians are not going to come again. I was so lucky that I could enjoy Good Brilliant Music when I was young.
    Freddie we still love you.
  • Denver from Colunbia City, InThis song is sentimental but also sad when you hear Brian May describe how rough it was for freddy just to finish that album and video. That I still love you is chilling because you can see the look in his eyes his time was about up. But that was Freddy in a nutshell. Very dramatic. I still miss Freddy and his music and his flamboyant style. He can never be replaced. Long live queen.
  • Cathy from Boston, MaFreddie did not even look like himself in this video. He could hardly stand up. His sweet ad lib at the end - "I still love you" is not only a kind of goodbye to Queen's fans, but it also hearkens back to the song "Love of My Life", recorded over a decade before.
  • Rudy from Kowloon, Hong KongI love this song as well as this MV, it's very touchy! As Queen said that show must go on, Freddie's last performance, even though under the 1000 volt mercury-vapor lamp, he felt cold. However, he still kept on going. He's the one of only - Queen of the pop.
  • Josue A. from Durango, MexicoMy favorite song of Queen.
    The video, filmed on black on white, because Freddie was seriously ill of AIDS, and the last one he did, it's very emotional. Saying good-bye with ''I Still Love You'' and leaving to the right of the screen, dissapearing, but he left here all what he got.
    I have seen the footage in color, and, yeah, it's look more fragile and ill that the black and white final video, but still it's great, and he, still worked even knewing that these we're the final days of his life, but he did it with such effort that it's amazing.
    The song is beatiful, the instrumentation works, and Freddie with the back vocals are sublime.
    Thanks Freddie. Thanks Queen.
  • Rachel from London, United KingdomI love this song, its so beautiful and sad

    Freddie was so brave to do the video for it being as ill as he was and in the black and white version he looks so young but ive seen the colour version and almost wished i hadnt
  • Darren from London, United KingdomFreddie and Queen were such a massive part of my life in the seventies when I was a teenager and I have spent all day on this site reliving those days again through their unbelievable music. They were all musical geniouses the like we'll probably never see again. Freddie was the ultimate showman, I remember seeing them at Leeds in 1982 and he had the audience eating out of his hand, an absolute master!! This is such a sad song, I get very emotional hearing it as Freddie died the same week as my dad and I always think I lost my 2 heroes at the same time. Great performance and the world is a sadder place for his absence.
  • Rose from Boston, MaFreddie announced that he had AIDS on 23 November, one day before he died.
    RIP Freddie I still love you xoxo
  • Ched - from La Union, Philippines....i can feel Freddie is saying goodbye thru this wonderful song every time i listen to it ... it breaks my heart...
  • Kenny from Clydebank, ScotlandWhat a marvellous song to go out with. The melody is haunting, the words are true, and Freddy's appearance, and last words on video, are very poignant. You can see love and courage in his face. He was over-the-top and flamboyant as Queen's singer and we loved people like that break the mould of convention.
  • Becky from Locust Grove, GaThe magic of ALL of Queen's music is that it (and Freddie) will live forever. He will forever be remembered in my heart as a lover of life and singer of songs.
  • Nicole from Watford, EnglandFreddie is gone but wil never be forgotten and in his wake is a legacy of music that will live forever
  • Justin from Chesterton, InWhen I saw "Freddie Mercury: Magic Remixed" and this song played at the end (during the video of Freddie saying goodbye without using those words) it made my heart ache with sadness. The last "I love you" at the end still leaves me with tears. I love playing piano along with the original recording of this song in my studio. It drives such a powerful message, the emotion in its delivery so appreciable. Long live the MAGIC of Queen and the memory of Freddie Mercury, who will always be one of my heroes.
  • Dave from Cardiff, Wales
    Rather than 1191 I mean.... D'OH!
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesYes, I did mean 1991 rather than 1991 in my last post
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesThis song was a No.1 hit in December 1191/January 1992 for six weeks - released as a double A-side with "Bohemian Rhapsody", it was the last of Queens four UK No.1 hits
  • Dino from Larissa, GreeceOur life is like this songs....every lyric is like someone's moment of life...Those were and these are the days of our lives...
  • Daniel from Columbus, OhBrian May mentioned in an interview after Freddie's death that the entire album and its' songs were recorded with the knowledge that Freddie was sick. Looking back at the songs on the album, you can definitely see the knowledge by the entire group that Freddie wasn't going to be around much longer and this song is a perfect example of that.
  • Jake from Newport, NhPS - I mean a forced smile (not painfully) but the message was to Bryn, Blackburn, England who seemed to think Brian was actually their during the filming.
  • Jake from Newport, NhWhy do people always assume the worst?

    Brian May wasn't looking painfully in the video, in fact, when this video was filmed, he wasn't there. His piece is an addition, and thus is why they do a lot of shots of only Roger, Freddie, and John. The bits where it's a distance and shows them all together is a film trick, as the others were filmed before Brian was.
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScOMG, I was just listening to this song aas I came to the songpage for this! I didn't know it was this song until I heard the "I still love you" part. I have the greatest hits 1, 2, and 3, cd set, but it has taken me a long time to listen to the songs. This song iss great, and considering how ladvanced Freddy's disease was, he sounds really good.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesThe music industry has been in steady decline since Freddie Mercury's death in 1991. He was unique, and there will never be another like him
  • Bryn from Blackburn, EnglandThere is one part during the video where the realisation that Freddie is dying really hits home, and you can see Brian May force a pained smile as he plays his guitar. That moment in the video is just as poignant to me as when Freddie says "I still love you" at the end.
  • Rosa from Reading, Englandstill looked fab in this vid didnt he. always gives me shivers. i love this song so much, one of my favs 4 sure. love the end of the vid where he looks up and says i still love you. i still love you to freddie!!!
  • EsbjÃ?rn from Viborg, DenmarkThis is in my opinion the greatest song ever written and performed. No other singer than Freddie, especially in this song, can "punch" feelings in to your head leaving you completely overwhelmed. And the guitar-solo is genious. I often play it on the guitar and it is so simple but insanely well writen. I don't know what I would do without the music minds of Queen.
  • Amy from Dallas, TxYeah, hes really skinny in there. His clothing had to be padded to make him look normal :( Freddie we love you! xxx
  • Amy from Dallas, Tx-Because he kept denying that he was positive. He didnt want to believe it (who would?)
  • Amy from Dallas, TxNo actually, Mary told Freddie he had AIDS. The results came back positive. She was the 1st one to recieve the news, and had to break it to Freddie. :(
  • Katie from Somewhere, NjThis is a great song, and I agree the video is heartbreaking. I read an article a little while ago that was an interview with Mary Austin talking about her and Freddie's relationship, how they were together in the beggining, but then when Queen got really famous it was kind of hard for them to be together, and then when Freddie told her he thought he might be bisexual they decided to just be friends, but they still were close. Apparently he told her he had AIDS before anyone else, even the band. And she cared for him during his last days. So I heard this song after I read that and it just took on a new meaning for me... now it seems a lot like it's Freddie singing to her about their relationship. BTW you can read that article here:
  • Amy from Dallas, TxOh god, i cry every single time i hear it, Who doesnt? Even worse when i watch the video..I think that it was very brave of Freddie to be in the video. He even flashed a huge grin to the camera, instead of hiding or covering up his teeth. But the band members were looking like 'this might be the end' Oh and when Freddie says 'I still love you' at the end, oh my god, he looks really messed up. :( anyway..good song, id rather listen to something happy though
  • Freddie from Orlando, Flits so cool Rogie wrote this-- he usually wrote songs that were about basically nothing... at least in the early days, lol.
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaThe other day I was cleaning and listening to one of my Queen cd's. When this song came on, partially into the beginning... I stopped what I was doing and just listened to it. I had no choice... I just stopped and sat down, closed my eyes, just to hear Freddie's voice. I always begin to get teary when I hear it. This song is so true, isn't it? As you get older and look back.... I'm sure there are things you want to do different... but can't.. So you just lay back and go with the flow..... As difficult as it sounds, but have no choice but to. It sounds like it was written for Freddie... This song seems to surround him more than the others...eventhough Roger wrote it. Its just a beautiful song...really.
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaI also want to add that Freddie never deprived us of his music. He made sure we had updated music to listen to up until his death.... Now he lives on through his music... it was his life after all..... so if we keep listening to will be as if he never left dream all alone.
  • Alicia from Tamaqua, PaIt was indeed heartbreaking seeing Freddie in this video. It was odd and seemed so different from the real Freddie. A lot of Freddie's close friends say that he should've never made that video because of his horribly frail condition. In my opinion, he was always beautiful and I admire his courage to do this video considering his frail appearance. One main reason why he couldn't move around was not only because of his illness taking its toll, he also had a lesion on his right foot? It think it was is right foot, well when he would put pressure on it the sharp edges of the scabbing part would dig into his flesh causing him severe pain. This was the same while making the "I'm going slightly mad" video. Freddie had a hard time wearing certain shoes aswell. I admire him soo much, Freddie is and will always be the greatest!!!! He will always gentally play on my heart strings!!!
  • Freddie from Orlando, FlYeah this was Freddies last take. Hes covered in makeup. Hes so sick at the time. The most memorable part of the video has got to be when he stops singing and takes that second to look up at the camera and whisper "I still love you." The last words he ever uttered ot a video camera. I also think its sweet how.... do you remember way back when in "A Night at the Opera" we had "Love of my Life"? Freddie sings us... "when I grow older I will be there at your side to remind you... how I still love you.... I still love you!" and.... he did. He kept his promise.
  • Freddie from Orlando, Flwell, actually its credited as a "Queen" composition... which means Freddie Brian Roger and John.
  • Don from Dallas, TxThis is my very favorite Queen song. Great song and to absolutely no one's surprise a fantastic guitar part.
  • Kevin from Danbury, CtRoger Taylor wrote the song, and he didn't write about Freddie's life.
  • Adam from Birmingham, EnglandThese are the days of our lives is my favourite beacause Freddie comes on as a completely different person, weak and not as flamboyant.
    I cried the first time I watched it and still get that feeling inside when I hear his final words, "I still love you", he looks back on his life and wishes he could re do it, in a way telling us to live our lives more better and carefullly. He is my god and always will be, thank you Freddie.
  • Kevin from Bridgeport, CtIn the video, Freddie looked very thin, and he didn't move around much. Many fans knew there was something wrong with him and were prepared for the worse. They still remembered Freddie at the end of the song when he looked into the screen and said those memerable three words as he said in nearly every Queen concert "I still love you".
  • William from Streetsboro, OhFreddie died the day after the world learned that he had AIDS. I will never forget those two days for as long as I live.
  • Roy from Doncaster, EnglandThe video to this song had to be filmed in black & white due to the fact Freddie had to wear very heavy make-up as he looked so ill, and it took so long to film as Freddie was exhausted and had to keep stopping for a break. This is one of my all time favourite songs and I always get the shivers when I hear it.
  • Dave from Cardiff, WalesThis song also featured on the "Five Live EP" which went to No.1 in the UK in 1993 - the other artists featured on the EP were George Michael and Lisa Stansfield
  • Tom from Trowbridge, EnglandRoger Taylor plays bongo drums in this instead of a regular drum kit.
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