Home Again

Album: American Soldier (2009)
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  • It's harder than I thought,
    To be so far away.
    So I thought I'd write this letter to you and explain.
    For me it wasn't easy to raise the flag and leave.
    But I thought that you should know how
    Much you mean to me.

    I won't be there to see you dance and hear
    You sing the songs we love.
    So please be strong and it won't be long till
    I'm home again.

    You know you make me proud
    Because you're the one that I depend upon.
    And when I return, I promise,
    I'll never leave you alone again.
    It's harder than I thought and you're so far away.
    So I thought I'd write this letter to you and explain.
    It was only a moment.

    I turned my head to wipe my eyes and
    When I looked again I saw your smile that
    Said goodbye.

    Mama says don't worry
    Because Daddy's brave and he's coming
    Home. But if I could change one thing,
    I'd never let you go.

    I want you here to see me dance and sing
    Along to the songs we love.
    So I'll be strong. It won't be long till you're
    Home again with me.

    When it feels too much to take,
    I want you to know that I'm thinking about
    You, making plans for when I'm home.
    Why aren't you here?

    I wake up every night.
    I check the front porch light,
    Making sure it's shining bright.
    And I'll be there to shine the light
    So you can find your way to me.
    I'm feeling strong, but don't take too long.
    Please come home to me.
    I'll be there to see you dance and hear you
    Sing the songs I love.

    It won't be long.
    It won't be long till I'm home again!
    Why aren't you here?
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