Album: American Soldier (2009)
  • It's time to sack up and let go of your mothers.
    Take your gun, it's the cross that's carried by your brothers.
    A sliver is all there is, a sliver of the old you.
    Underneath the skin, buried deep,
    there's a man. There's a soldier in you.

    What you doing here?
    Welcome to the show!

    There's only one man you can trust, he's the one at your side.
    This shit's for real, there's nowhere to hide.
    They say that conflict makes the man.
    He survives with what he can.
    The brave of heart won't look away
    but live to fight another day.

    What you doing here?
    Welcome to the show! Writer/s: GEOFFERY WAYNE TATE, JASON SLATER
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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