15 Step

Album: In Rainbows (2007)
  • How come I end up where I started
    How come I end up where I belong
    Won't take my eyes off the ball again
    You reel me out then you cut the string

    How come I end up where I started
    How come I end up where I belong
    Won't take my eyes off the ball again
    You reel me out then you cut the string

    You used to be alright
    What happened?
    Did the cat get your tongue
    Did your string come undone
    One by one
    One by one
    It comes to us all
    It's as soft as your pillow

    You used to be alright
    What happened?
    Etcetera etcetera
    Facts for whatever
    Fifteen steps
    Then a shear drop

    How come I end up where I started
    How come I end up where I belong
    Won't take my eyes off the ball again
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  • Jenifer from Tokyo, JapanOK...the lyrics on this site say that the line is "facts for whatever...15 steps, then a sheer drop". The above interview with Thom quotes him as saying "friends forever...15 steps, then a sheer drop", but I'm assuming that the interview was transcribed, not written. I think that it's "fast forward and up...15 steps, then a sheer drop". Discussion and critique?
  • Nick from Oxnard, CaTo avoid more confusion, Amnesiac's "Morning Bell/Amnesiac" is in 4/4 just as Maor said, and Kid A's "Morning Bell" would technically be notated in 10/8 because the eighth note stemming would be grouped 3,3,2,2 combining compound and simple times.
  • Emma from Adelaide, Australiathis was the last song on twilight credits followed by linkin park with 'leave out all the rest'
  • Kristin from Atlanta, GaThere is a brilliant mash up song featuring 15 Step and Take Five by Dave Brubeck. It's the best mash up I've heard yet!! Go on youtube, type "Five Step" or "Radiohead VS. Dave Brubeck", and listen!
  • Hermione from Los Angeles, CaThis song was in the ending credits for Twilight. I only knew that, because even though this song is not on the soundtrack, I had it on my iPod.
  • Bobby B from North West, United KingdomMaor and Clint got there first, but I was going to point out that Morning Bell is 5/4 on Kid A, and 4/4 on Amnesiac.

    Also, although the 15 beats in "15 Step" could be transcribed as a 5/4 signature, because of the complexity of the sampled drum parts, it would be much easier to transcribe/read if it was notated as 10/8.

    And to Luke, I appreciate your point - what difference does it really make? - but just since we're being nit-picky here, they couldn't play in 56/7 since the second number in a time signature has to be an even number, since it denotes the note's duration (whereas the first number denotes how many of each you'll find in a bar), so you could have 56/1, 56/2, 56/4, 56/8, 56/16, and you could possibly use 56/3, 56/6, 56/12, 56/24 etc if notating a section that switched to a triplet-feel from a more ordinary pattern, but you'd usually avoid doing so because it can be a nightmare to read a signature like that. Oh and the 56 part would be very unusual too (but not impossible), since it can be broken down into 28, 14 or most likely 7. So yeah, what you wrote (if we assume by the 7 you meant 8) was really 7/8.

    Sorry for the boring lecture, but it does matter if you're trying to play these things yourself - and it's a bit worrying when a song you've always played as 7/8 gets called 5/4 because there's a big difference.
  • Luke Taylor from Manchester, United KingdomNever mind what theyre in, they could be in 56/7 for all i care. They're great tunes!
  • Maor from Haifa, IsraelActually, Morning Bell from amnesiac is 44. Morning Bell from Kid A is 54...
    And 15 step is truly 54 And an excellent song from an awsome album
  • Clint from New Brunswick, NjTo avoid any confusion, Amnesiac's "Morning Bell" is not in 7|8. It is in 5|8, which is interchanged with 5|4 and 10|8 depending on the listener's perception. I'm thinking Ed O'Brien is being misquoted.
  • Frank Zappa from Baghdadthis song is clearly about sex
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