Blow Out

Album: Pablo Honey (1993)
  • In my mind
    And nailed into my heels
    All the time killin' what I feel
    And everything I touch (all wrapped up in cotton wool)
    (All wrapped up and sugar coated) turns into stone
    And everything I touch (all wrapped up in cotton wool)
    (All wrapped up and sugar coated) turns into stone

    I am fused just in case I blow out
    I am glued just because I crack out

    Everything I touch turns to stone
    Everything I touch
    (All wrapped up in crinoline, all wrapped up in sugar-coated) turn to stone Writer/s: COLIN CHARLES GREENWOOD, EDWARD JOHN O'BRIEN, JONATHAN RICHARD GUY GREENWOOD, PHILIP JAMES SELWAY, THOMAS EDWARD YORKE
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
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  • Matt Bellamy from Devon, United KingdomThis is probably the worst Radiohead album/song. I have no idea what you were thinking Thom but honestly this is s--te.
  • AnonymousDon't recall it being Jonny. I seem to remember Colin in a violent mood. We all had become frustrated with a lack of progress that night and felt a trip to the pub would be in order. Before we left, Colin fell into Philips Drum kit and Philip gave him a swift kick in the nuts. Wanting no part in this, Jonny moved to the corner, but before he knew it Thom body-slammed him against the wall. After forcing him to scribble words on the wall, Thom left for the pub. At least we got something out of it.
  • Thom Yorke from Northhamptonshire, England, EnglandOne violent night, after a stormy session, Jonny got particularly violent. He grabbed Ed by the throat and slammed him against the wall. We had to jump Jonny to calm him down. As a punishment, we sent him to the corner of the room, on a stool with the dunce cap for a time out. After an hour or so, we returned from the local bar and found Jonny scribbling the lyrics of Blowout on the wall.

    Nowadays, whenever we get in a creative rut, we send Jonny to the wall, that bonny lad of ours. He's getting tired of it, though. Poor chap.
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