Album: Indestructible (2003)
  • And I know I'm indestructible
    Yeah, I know I'm indestructible

    Break down
    Come and tell me it's not true
    It's a shake down
    Come on and tell me who are you
    It's so fake now
    Everything I see right through
    I'm ashamed now
    To say I ever knew you

    See the great Athenians
    Man, they're not even from Athens
    And the kid from Ave. "A"
    He's not even from Manhattan
    And nothing's what it seems
    I'll just stand here laughing
    I'm gonna keep on going now
    I can't be distracted

    And I know I'm indestructible
    Yeah, I know I'm indestructible

    Play back
    Rock and roll come and save me
    It's a safe bet
    You will never ever betray me
    And I'll give back
    Everything that you gave me
    And I know that
    No one can ever ever contain me

    And I won't get bogged down like some American consumers, nah
    I'm dancing now to a whole different drummer
    And I'll keep listening to the great Joe Strummer
    Cause through music he can live forever Writer/s: LARS FREDERIKSEN, TIM ARMSTRONG
    Publisher: Wixen Music Publishing
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 3

  • Sam from Cambridgeit is actually about how a person can have a strong spirit, making them feel indestructible. The Joe Strummer reference is really just more of an homage to a great musucian
  • Chad from London, Englandactually you'r wrong,not every song on this album is about brody and tim,this one is about the death of joe strummer
    hence the "keep listening to the great joe strummer coz through music we can live forever"
  • Lee from Essex, Englandits actually about brody dalle, the ex wife of lead singer tim armstrong, and that hes indestructable since thier messy breakup
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