• Got a call from my cousin
    Come and get me right now
    'Cause I done lost my woman
    And I need a night out

    Said I can't burn it down
    'Cause I'm gettin' up early
    I'm down for one round
    But around 1:30
    I was sittin' at a Waffle House
    I think I had grits
    Started hittin' on a waitress
    Everything after that gets fuzzy

    Like a TV in a cheap motel
    My head feels funny
    I lost my keys
    I lost my cell
    And all of my money

    Did I crash a party
    Have a run in with the law
    Take a swim in a fountain
    I don't know
    'Cause it's all kinda fuzzy

    There's a ring on my finger
    There's a bra on the lamp
    Gotta get outta this hot tub
    And try to find my pants

    Who the hell is Heather
    And when were we together
    'Cause I've got every letter of her name on my chest
    Think I got a shiner
    A cigarette burn
    Nothing in that bottle of tequila but the worm

    It's fuzzy
    Like static on the radio
    My head feels funny
    I lost my watch
    I lost my clothes
    And all of my money

    Did I call my momma
    Try to break into the mall
    Did I even pay the cabbie
    I don't know
    'Cause it's all kinda fuzzy

    I remember how it started
    After that it's just a blur
    Is it a Sunday or a Monday
    Am I suppose to be at work

    It's fuzzy
    Like a tennis ball on my tongue
    My mouth feels funny
    I'm blinded by the sun
    But things ain't sunny

    Will the room stop spinning
    Will I find my car
    On my way back home right now
    It's all fuzzy

    Oh it's fuzzy
    It's fuzzy
    Everything is fuzzy Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind
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