Life Is A Rock (But The Radio Rolled Me)

Album: single release (1974)
Charted: 33 8
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  • B.B. Bumble and the Stingers, Mott the Hoople, Ray Charles Singers
    Lonnie Mack and twangin' Eddy, here's my ring we're goin' steady
    Take it easy, take me higher, liar liar, house on fire
    Locomotion, Poco, Passion, Deeper Purple, Satisfaction
    Baby baby gotta gotta gimme gimme gettin' hotter
    Sammy's cookin', Lesley Gore and Ritchie Valens, end of story
    Mahavishnu, fujiyama, kama-sutra, rama-lama
    Richard Perry, Spector, Barry, Archies, Righteous, Nilsson, Harry
    Shimmy shimmy ko-ko bop and Fats is back and Finger Poppin'

    Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
    Gotta turn it up louder, so my DJ told me (whoa whoa whoa whoa)
    Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
    At the end of my rainbow lies a golden oldie

    FM, AM, hits are clickin' while the clock is tock-a-tickin'
    Friends and Romans, salutations, Brenda and the Tabulations
    Carly Simon, I behold her, Rolling Stones and centerfoldin'
    Johnny Cash and Johnny Rivers, can't stop now, I got the shivers
    Mungo Jerry, Peter Peter Paul and Paul and Mary Mary
    Dr. John the nightly tripper, Doris Day and Jack the Ripper
    Gotta go Sir, gotta swelter, Leon Russell, Gimme Shelter
    Miracles in smokey places, slide guitars and Fender basses
    Mushroom omelet, Bonnie Bramlett, Wilson Pickett, stop and kick it

    Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
    Gotta turn it up louder, so my DJ told me (whoa whoa whoa whoa)
    Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
    At the end of my rainbow lies a golden oldie

    Arthur Janov's primal screamin', Hawkins, Jay and
    Dale and Ronnie, Kukla, Fran and Norma Okla
    Denver, John and Osmond, Donny
    JJ Cale and ZZ Top and LL Bean and De De Dinah
    David Bowie, Steely Dan and sing me prouder, CC Rider
    Edgar Winter, Joanie Sommers, Osmond Brothers, Johnny Thunders
    Eric Clapton, pedal wah-wah, Stephen Foster, do-dah do-dah
    Good Vibrations, Help Me Rhonda, Surfer Girl and Little Honda
    Tighter, tighter, honey, honey, sugar, sugar, yummy, yummy
    CBS and Warner Brothers, RCA and all the others

    Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
    Gotta turn it up louder, so my DJ told me (whoa whoa whoa whoa)
    Life is a rock but the radio rolled me
    At the end of my rainbow lies a golden oldie

    Listen--remember, they're playing our song!
    Rock it, sock it, Alan Freed me, Murray Kaufman, try to leave me
    Fish, and Swim, and Boston Monkey,
    Make it bad and play it funky.
    (Wanna take you higher!) Writer/s: Norman Dolph, Paul Di Franco
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • George Pope from Vancouver - CanadaPaul Mcintier from Austin: I like that, too -- they're saying Aretha stands on her own, without loud noise & fanfare, I'm thinking. (maybe not their intention, but it's how it inspired me to think)
  • George Pope from Vancouver - CanadaI'd give this credit as an early rap, later scat bit o' pop. Catchy, indeed, & I love that it's an homage to all things relating to hit music of the time.
  • Paul Mcintier from AustinJlrake from Wisconsin: I always thought the “Honey Honey” was in reference to the second line to The Archies’ “Sugar Sugar”: “Sugar...., ah honey are my candy girl, and you’ve got me wanting you.” However, according to Wikipedia, ABBA’s “Honey Honey” was recorded in January of ‘74 and released inApril of ‘74. “Life is a Rock is listed as being released in September of that same year, so it still could be a reference. However, I choose to stick with the line from “Sugar Sugar.”
  • Jlrake from WisconsinAccording to this weekend's American Top 40 '70's rebroadcast, ABBA's "Honey Honey" was in the 40 at the same time this song was, so might the "honey honey" in "Life Is A Rock" be from another song? Or were Levine, Dolph and DiFranco r e a l l y presciet?
  • Jeff70sdj from TexasAt the very end of the song under the ongoing melody, the bass references Aretha Franklin with just her first name, Aretha. It's very subtly done, but listen closely and you'll hear her name. It's a wonderful touch.
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