Album: The Futurist (2004)
  • I'm around
    I figure it out
    So far, so sad
    There's a thorn
    A cupid's eye
    No sides
    In landside

    That's my love
    All falls down
    That's why I won't fold
    Under fire
    Under ground
    That's why love don't wash

    Been what's past
    You see, I saw the second hand
    Thanks Dad
    Am I free?
    And was that me?
    Why is it always 5.30?

    That's why love
    All falls down
    That's why I won't fold
    Love start fire
    Rolling under ground
    That's why love don't wash down

    It was never really bad
    I was never that alone
    So it wound up where it lead
    So it lays beside road

    I had barely deeply breathed
    I was not the man to feel
    So it turned as this as string
    And it catches in the wheel

    Wouldn't claim it felt unfair
    An asylum in my house
    I could not escape his mouth
    I could not escape it

    For the moment I believe
    As my hands adjust your hair
    Let my cover blow
    I was never real in there
    It was just a little scare
    I was just a little scared
    You were only never here
    Just a little bit Writer/s: JR., ROBERT DOWNEY
    Publisher: BMG Rights Management
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Reza from Shiraz, Iranis he a singer too? he used 2 be a sexy guy then an addict then a second handed actor. but is he a singer 2 ?
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