Tall Cool One

Album: Now And Zen (1988)
Charted: 25
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  • Like a cat running in the heat of the night
    Got a fire in my eyes, got a date with delight
    Some kinda moaning in the heart of the storm
    I'm gonna love you so hard, if you want your loving done
    Lighten up baby I'm in love with you
    With my one hand loose I am to satisfy
    You like my loving machine, I like your bloodshot eyes
    Real gone girl jumping back with the beat
    I'll be your tall cool one with those crazy feet
    Lighten up baby I'm in love with you
    I'm so tall and you're so cute, let's play wild like wildcats do
    You're gonna rock your tall cool one
    I'm gonna say that - you're gonna say - aaah
    You stroll, you jump, you're hot and you tease
    'Cause I'm your tall cool one, and I'm built to please
    M-m-move over mister step on back in the crowd
    'Cause she's a whole lotta sister 'bout to drive me wild
    Lotta place I've seen, lotta names lotta words
    No one compares to my real gone girl
    Lighten up baby I'm in love with you Writer/s: PHILIP MERRIAM JOHNSTONE, ROBERT PLANT
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, BMG RIGHTS MANAGEMENT US, LLC
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  • Dan Gillespy from Courtenay British Columbia Canada Robert Plant has always been a great singer and I would love to see a Led Zeppelin reunion and a new Led Zeppelin album and his solo song Tall Cool One is 1 very good and a very cool song.
  • John from Jackson, MsI can't find this information anywhere on the internet. There is a part in the song where there are spoken words (You stroll, you jump, you're hot and you tease, 'Cause I'm your tall cool one and I'm built to please). Who speaks that part? I'd like to think it is Jimmy Page but every time I google it, I cannot find the answer...
  • R, from Victoria, AustraliaAt the beginning, at 8 seconds in, it sounds like he's also sampled a vocal track from Whole Lotta Love.
  • Guy from Benson, NcH is used in German music to mean B-flat(Not sure if it is used as much today). It actually goes a bit deeper than that, but I don't remember the actual details from my freshman music theory classes. The H-flat guitar tuning comment makes no sense whatsoever. Jimmy Page used plenty of alternate tunings with Zep songs.
  • Winfried from Recklinghausen, Germanyi want can get back in this time!
    the humans was clearly and say what
    they mean!!!Robert Plant is one of them.
    I remember,1970 hear this first time.
    Now 2008 hear it again,go sentimental!
    Many greatings all the others,like this
    time,sorry about my english
  • Michael from Pittsburgh, PaThe H-flat thing is not as strange as you may think. Sometimes "B" is referred to as "H" - I'm not sure why, but I assume it's part of a "they do it in that country" kind of thing. At any rate H Flat would just be another way of saying B Flat in this context (although I'm not sure that H Flat is really correct - from what I understand in systems where H is used in lieu of B they use B to refer to A# or B Flat).
  • Miles from Washington Dc, United StatesH Flat?
  • Wayne from Port Neches, TxI think if you listen to the last Zep album, "In Through the Out Door" and then listen to the progression of Plant's solo material starting with "Pictures at Eleven" you could come to the conclusion that Plant had become the dominant influencer over Led Zep. While I am not saying Plant's solo work would have been Zep's work going forward, I am saying there is a great amount of musical similarities. Additionally, Plant has always made sure he had a top notch backing band throughout his solo career. The Strange Sensation is really good from his latest work, "The Mighty Rearranger"
  • Stefanie from Rock Hill, ScThis song is pretty good. Still like Zeppelin songs better, and Robert Plants done better songs solo. Recently his voice seems to have gone down hill a little.
  • Ryan from Metairie, LaSamples were also used from "When The Levee Breaks"
  • Jim from Dallas, TxThe guitar is tuned to H-flat on the solo. Very experimental with Post-Zep Rock music.
  • Scott from Chicago, Ilto me this was robert plant's last great gasp
    after Zep's breakup......zep was like floyd
    or the stones in that they just didn't make sense
    solo...only the beatles were able to pull that off, and haltingly at that....
  • Dan from Lake Hiawatha, NjRobert Plant has one of the greatest rock n' roll voices of all time and is still rockin on just as great as the early days.
  • Laura from Toronto, CanadaI love this song... I'm a huge Zeppelin fan and I love Robert Plant's voice more than anything on the planet. This song shows his solo career is great, and I love that there is a Zeppelin twist to it because it shows that he can still do what he did 35 years ago. I didn't know that Page was the lead guitarist on this single, but it makes it even better.
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