Album: Beautiful Mind (2022)
Charted: 35
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  • How you tell me love me? You knew you wouldn't keep me around
    Done with the fightin', I don't want discussions, so now I'm just tunin' you out
    We out in public and you talkin' crazy, you steadily runnin' your mouth
    This is the time to be true to y'all, you should've listened, I told you my time was comin', my time was now, now

    And they say, "Ooh, there go the youngin," yeah, yeah
    They wait for him, yeah, yeah
    They say, "Ooh, there go the youngin," yeah, yeah
    We was waitin' for him

    We was waitin' for him, ooh, yeah, yeah-yeah
    They say, "Ooh, there go the youngin", yeah, yeah-yeah
    We was waitin' for him, ooh, there go the youngin'
    This was my dream, I always believed, but I couldn't see this comin'
    I used to walk through the school, out to store, catch the buses
    Now I'm back of the 'Bach and catchin' jets across the country
    I had to find a grind, find the time and make out a plan
    I used to hit my knees, talk to God, and beg for a chance
    I used to go on tours, open up and open up again
    Now you can book a show and I'ma bring fifteen thousand fans
    I still remember high school, I ain't fuck with nobody
    Mama lookin' at me crazy when I told her, "Fuck college"
    I couldn't follow rules, got me kicked out my mama house
    Told you I'd be a star sittin' on your mama couch (Yeah)

    Yeah, they say, "Ooh, there go the youngin," yeah, yeah
    They waitin' for him, yeah, yeah (They was waitin')
    They say, "Ooh, there go the youngin," yeah, yeah
    We was waitin' for him, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, ooh (Mmm)

    I was an open at ACT back when I took my ACTs
    Back when I took a lil' A-D-D-Y, but I didn't have no ADD
    South by Southwest, AC3, now they wanna treat my name like an ATV
    Draggin' that through the mud, sweat, tears, and the blood
    I don't follow trends, orders, crowds, rules, I just follow my gut
    This whole world is all that I want, your main girl, that's all that I want
    Just one spin, I'll call when I'm done
    Whole nation full of kids with the same haircut, I call 'em my sons
    Told my dawg look at what we done, look at that crowd, look at where we from
    Fifteen deep, "Look it, here he comes," hear ye, hear ye, here we come
    Y'all still here, but you're nearly done, sincerely, um, the greatest
    They just wanna degrade us 'cause the heat wave is equal to the equators
    Would you rather me be her screensaver or the one that she sees later?
    Think on it, we'll speak later, Rod Wave, it's gon' be a while 'til we waiver

    Yeah, they say, "Ooh, there go the youngin," yeah, yeah
    They waitin' for him, yeah, yeah (They was waitin', thank God)
    They say, "Ooh, there go the youngin," yeah, yeah (Thank God)
    We was waitin' for him, yeah, yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah, ooh

    We begin with breaking news tonight
    A heavy police presence right now at Pier Six Downtown, Pier Six Pavilion
    Rod Wave, a rapper was just wrapped up a performance
    And there were reports that the Pavilion was almost in capacity with a large crowd left outside
    Some people thought what a wise one would say: "They paid for tickets, but they were not able to get inside and see the show"


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