Farmer's Daughter

Album: Take A Back Road (2010)
Charted: 47
  • Well I heard he needed some help on the farm
    Somebody with a truck and two strong arms
    Not scared of dirt and willin' to work
    Till the sun goes down
    So I pulled up and said I'm your man
    I could start right now and we shook hands
    He said the fence needs fixin',
    The peaches need pickin'
    And the cows need bringin' round

    I was haulin' hay, I was feedin' the hogs
    And that summer sun had me sweatin' like a dog
    So I cooled off in the creek
    Then it was back to work in the daggum heat
    I was cussin' out loud, thinkin' bout quitin'
    Lookin' back now I'm sure glad I didn't
    Cause just when I thought it couldn't get no hotter
    I caught glimpse of the farmer's daughter

    She was just gettin' home from Panama city
    She was all tanned up and my kinda pretty
    When her eyes met mine
    I was thinkin' that I would sure love my job
    As the days got shorter our talks got longer
    The kisses got sweeter and the feelings got stronger
    So we'd hop in the truck and get all tangled up
    Every chance we got
    We were down by the river all night long
    When the sun came up I was sneakin' her home
    And draggin' my butt to work
    With the smell of her perfume on my shirt
    I'd be on the tractor she'd be on my mind
    With that sun beatin' down on this back of mine
    Just when I thought it couldn't get no hotter
    I fell in love with the farmer's daughter
    We got married last spring
    Whoa and there ain't no better life for me

    I'm still haulin' hay and feedin' the hogs
    And that summer sun has me sweatin' like a dog
    So I cool off in the creek
    And she brings me outta glass of sweet ice tea
    I'm on the tractor and shes on my mind
    And I can't wait till its quitin' time
    And just when I think it can't get no hotter
    I come home to the farmer's daughter
    Yeah, the farmer's daughter,

    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC, Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
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