Back Of My Hand

Album: Forever Endeavour (2013)
  • Like the back of my hand
    I know my way around
    I know the lay of the land
    Every square inch of this town
    I look around at the faces I see
    As I take my thoughts out for a walk
    I know where things stand
    Like the back of my hand

    Down in front of the stage
    The curtain's set to rise
    Where no one’s acting their age
    Everybody's in disguise
    And looking up at the faces
    I clearly can see that it's not going down
    The way they planned
    Like the back of my hands
    Like the back of my hands

    Somehow the world today
    Seems shot in Super 8
    It has this nostalgic glow
    If I lose all track of time
    It's no skin off my back
    Cos I'm not going anywhere
    So I know I won't be late

    I'm not going anywhere
    So I know I won't be late

    Like the back of my hands
    I know if there's a God
    That only he understands
    What to us just seems so odd
    He's looking down on creation
    The same way that I'm looking down as I play
    The Baby Grand
    At the back of my hands
    Like the back of my hands
    Like the back of my hands Writer/s: Ron Sexsmith
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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