Dallas 1PM

Album: Strong Arm Of The Law (1980)
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  • A crowded main street
    The scene was set
    The checked out the view
    Turned the radio on

    Open the case
    Assemble the gun
    Laid out ready
    For the President's run

    The world was shocked that fateful day
    A young man's life was blown away, away
    In Dallas one pm

    White hot lead in the back of the head
    Screaming confusion
    Shots ring the air
    Cadillac racing
    Cops on the run
    They couldn't believe that the President's hit

    The shooting's done
    Assassins run
    Is he dead?
    No one will say

    Around the world
    The news was flashed
    We sat and watched
    Your tragic history

    The world was shocked that fateful day
    A young man's life was blown away, away
    In Dallas one pmWriter/s: G. OLIVER, P. BYFORD, P. GILL, P. QUINN, S. DAWSON
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