Fine Again

Album: Disclaimer (2002)
Charted: 61
  • It seems like every day's the same
    And I'm left to discover on my own
    It seems like everything is gray
    And there's no color to behold
    They say it's over and I'm fine again, yeah
    Try to stay sober feels like I'm dying here

    And I am aware now of how
    Everything's gonna be fine one day
    Too late, I'm in hell I am prepared now
    Seems everyone's gonna be fine
    One day too late, just as well

    I feel the dream in me expire
    And there's no one left to blame it on
    I hear you label me a liar
    'Cause I can't seem to get this through
    You say it's over, I can sigh again, yeah
    Why try to stay sober when I'm dying here

    And I am aware now of how
    Everything's gonna be fine one day
    Too late, I'm in hell
    I am prepared now
    Seems everyone's gonna be fine
    One day too late just as well

    And I'm not scared now
    I must assure you
    You're never gonna get away
    And I'm not scared now
    And I'm not scared now no

    I am aware now of how
    Everything's gonna be fine one day
    Too late, I'm in hell
    I am prepared now
    Seems everyone's gonna be fine
    One day too late, just as well
    I am prepared now
    Seems everything's gonna be fine for me
    For me, for myself
    For me, for me, for myself
    For me, for me, for myself Writer/s: SHAUN WELGEMOED, DALE STEWART
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Landen/redwolf from Usthis song rocks
  • Bonetap from OhioWow, so even if the ultimate reason for his condition was a breakup b/w his parents... I don't see how you could read the lyrics to this song and think anything but drug addiction. Heroin maybe? I mean he's talking like a junkie in every verse. Why try to stay sober when it feels like I'm dying? Saying to late, im in hell (gripped by the drug now). One day to late (foreshadowing the typical junkie procrastination, like he's going to quit but it's always tomorrow and someday it will be one day too late. There's a lot more here I'm just touching a few key lyrics. I am ok now and everything is gonna be fine again (and he's thinking yeah right any sobriety is temporary b/c he's already saying why try to say sober when the pain is making him feel like dying). I don't know. I guess the point is this song is easily interpreted as a junkie anthem.
  • Hannah from Gratz, PaThis song sounds more to me like finding hope in life again. At least, that's how I apply it.
  • Nicole from Orlando, Flcommenting on... "Sometimes it's the simplest way that you can say something that everybody knows but hasn't been said quite the same way.” Because: they are scared to say the obvious, to be blunt, scared to hurt someones feelings or be looked at as crazzy. It's better to look at the situation as a 'third party,' it gives you a perspective not aware of anyone makes you less emotional.

  • Tom from Farmington, NyThe feel I got from this song is definitely, again to me, a song about how he is struggling to see anything good in his life. He wakes up and everything is gray, all the same, etc. But something reminds him that he's aware and fine, but by the time he realizes this, he's lost a person of some meaning to him. He hears he's being called a liar, and when this person left him, they tell him he can "sigh again" which indicates that the person felt they were not good enough to help him through his ordeal(s). And by the final chorus, he's finally realizing everything will be fine, as much as he hates dealing with it.
    I love this song, it is a fantastic piece.
  • Kayla from B-town, Meughhh why does everyone leave comments and make it sound like they personally know shaun or the band? if you don't know it for a fact, then why would write it in a comment? i can understand if someone said "well i heard that...blahblahblah" but when you just come right out and say "this is the reason seether wrote this song" you sound pretty stupid considering you don't know if that's true or not. if any of you were real, true seether fans you would know that shaun morgan doesn't or very rarely tells people the meanings of his songs because he thinks that it changes how people will feel about them because everyone interprets them differently and relates them to different aspects of their lives. and another thing, why is it that everywhere you go that has to do with seether there always has to be those annoying little ignorant people who just HAVE to mention amy lee. AMY LEE IS NOT SEETHER. she is not IN the band, she is not WITH shaun anymore, and the song 'broken' is NOT an evanescence song, nor did amy have anything to do with the production of it. she may have had guest vocals on it, but that does not mean it's "her" song. personally, i think it sounds much better without her in it. shaun's voice is all that song needs to be amazing. i'm not dissing on amy lee or evanescence at all, they happen to be one of my favorite bands, but people need to just get their facts straight before they come on here and start making comments that are untrue that make them sound like ignorant idiots.
  • Hunter from Greensburg, La"I feel a dream in me expire and there's no one
    left to blame it on" reflects the meaning (to me) that the song is about being an addict and only the addict can stop it. "I must assure you
    You're never gonna get away" describes the singers feelings about his alcoholism.
  • Lane from St. Louis , MoThis song is about his parents divorce when he was young. It devastated him. And he was having a hard time as he got older.
  • Rob from Los Angeles, CaGreat song. Reminds of Shaun's relationship and break-up with Amy Lee, even though this song was released a few years before they split up.
  • Rob from Los Angeles, CaThis songs reminds me of "Call me when your sober", or his break-up with Amy lee. The talk about trying to get sober and everything being all over.
  • Johan from Portland, OrThis song is best performed on their acoustic set CD "One Cold Night" pick it up it's a good one.
  • Joel from Columbia, ScYeah, I can see how this could be about divorce but it could also be about addiction. Especially with the part where it says "Try to stay sober/Feels like I'm dying here."
  • Jeremy from Shelbyville, KyThey blew the f'ing lid in Louisville, KY at the State Fair. They blew Dark New Day, and Crossfade, off the stage.
  • Jahn from South Africa, South AfricaThis song has gotten me throught the most difficult times in my life! Without it I would probably not be here today. This song is my 'life anthem'. Thank you Shaun.
  • Maureen from Prospect, VaBeing at the Chili cookoff in VA and seeing Seether and Breaking Benjamin was beast.
  • Tracey from White River, South AfricaMy husband's band played a few gigs with them when they were still Saron Gas. I also got to see Amy perform with them when she came back to South Africa with them. What an incredible voice. This is definitely my most favourtite of their songs. I Always get goose-bumps when I hear it.
  • Randell from Mounds, OkI saw Seether play at Cain's Ballroom in Tulsa, Ok. They dedicated this song to Dave Williams and Dimebag Darrell. It was so awesome when everyone started singing all the lyrics.
  • Steve from Albequerque, NmTo me it this song sounded like it was about dealing with an alcohol addiction, but now that I think about it, I can see how it's about divorce. Also, I think Remedy is another really Nirvana-sounding song from Seether.
  • Khristina from Findlay, OhSeether is a great band...their touching lyrics, help many who are going through tough times...i should know they helped me!! So i thank them...and wish them the best and that their music go on forever...
  • Lisa from Port Coquitlam, CanadaSeether is an amazing band! their song gasoline sounds a lot like something nirvana would write and sound like. never the less they are freackin amazing and i love them. everyone should buy disclaimer two its an awesome cd. anyone who wishes to judge seether should keep their mouth shut until theyve herd their music. hey are absolutely fanominal and shaun morgan is my idol. plus he scored big with amy lee shes also an amazing artist and gorgeous. :)
  • Rebecca from Peoria, Azno*paused*i heard somethin about the song being about his life when his parents got divorced or soemthin around tht topic but yea no matter wat its the best song i've ever heard besides linkin park.
  • Jon from Selah, WaI have no clue about this band at all. However, I've heard this song on the radio pretty often, and it reminds me of something Layne Staley and Jerry Cantrell of Alice in Chains would write around 95.

    It reminds me of someone singing about getting through rehab. Not sure if that is what it is really about, though.

    I really hear AIC in it, that is why the song caught my attention. I'm not much of a fan of newer music, but this song seems great.
  • Chad from Fort Worth, TxEverybody needs to listen to the song Broken. It's great
  • Adam from Upstate, NyThey put on a really good show
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