Hard to Make A Stand

Album: Sheryl Crow (1996)
Charted: 22
  • Old James Dean Monroe
    Hands out flowers at the Shop N Go
    Hopes for money but all he gets is fear
    And the wind blows up his coat

    And this he scribbles on a perfume note
    "If I'm not here then you're not here"
    And he says
    "Call me Miscreation
    I'm a walking celebration"

    And it's hard to make a stand
    And it's hard to make a stand
    It's hard to make a stand
    It's hard to make s stand

    My friend, o lawdy,
    Went to take care of her body,
    And she got shot down in the road
    She looked up before she went,

    Said, "This isn't really what I meant"
    And the Daily News said, "Two with one stone"
    And I say,
    "Hey there, Miscreation,
    Bring a flower, time is wasting"


    Yes it is

    We got loud guitars and big suspicions,
    Great big guns and small ambitions,
    And we still argue over who is God
    And I say,

    "Hey there, Miscreation,
    Bring a flower, time is wasting"
    I say,
    "Hey there, Miscreation,
    We all need a revelation"

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  • Alx from Tarragona, SpainI once read that this song is, among other things, about abortion, as Adrian says, but I think that Sheryl is not showing any of her ideas about this topic. For me is about contradictions in life; a woman being killed by people defending human life. It is also about respecting each other and giving importance to all human beings.
    The whole song is just great, I use to play it in my English classes because it has a lot of good things to comment about.
  • Cole from Brooklyn, Nysheryl said in a concert in 1995, right before the song came out that she was working on her album in pasadena, ca. There was a coffee shop next to the recording studio and there was a crossdresser that stood outside and handed out flowers. He/she had been doing it for years and all the locals thought he/she was a weirdo. One day, he came into the coffee-shop when Crow was in there and the owner kicked him out for disturbing the patrons... she said she thought it was bull. The next day, she was in the coffee-shop, and the cross-dresser held up a sign to the window that read, "If I'm Not Here Then You're Not Here" and signed it "Miss Creation"... she said she liked it so much that she went back to the studio and wrote a song about it. Here lately, at her shows she has been playing the song again, introing it with, "this is a song about a crossdresser I once knew in Pasadena, California."... So there you go!
  • Adrian from Brookings, SdI read that this was a protest song about abortion, with Crow being on the pro-choice side.
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