Welcome To My Life

Album: Still Not Getting Any (2004)
Charted: 49 40
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  • Do you ever feel like breaking down?
    Do you ever feel out of place?
    Like somehow you just don't belong
    And no one understands you

    Do you ever want to run away?
    Do you lock yourself in your room?
    With the radio on turned up so loud
    That no one hears you screaming

    No you don't know what its like
    When nothing feels alright
    You don't know what its like to be like me
    To be hurt, to feel lost
    To be left out in the dark
    To be kicked when you're down
    To feel like you've been pushed around
    To be on the edge of breaking down
    And no one there to save you
    No you don't know what its like
    Welcome to my life

    Do you want to be somebody else?
    Are you sick of feeling so left out?
    Are you desperate to find something more
    Before your life is over

    Are you stuck inside a world you hate?
    Are you sick of everyone around?
    With the big fake smiles and stupid lies
    But deep inside you're bleeding

    No you don't know what its like
    When nothing feels alright
    You don't know what its like to be like me
    To be hurt
    To feel lost
    To be left out in the dark
    To be kicked when you're down
    To feel like you've been pushed around
    To be on the edge of breaking down
    And no one there to save you
    No you don't know what its like
    Welcome to my life

    No one ever lied straight to your face
    And no one ever stabbed you in the back
    You might think I'm happy
    But I'm not gonna be okay
    Everybody always gave you what you wanted
    You never had to work it was always there
    You don't know what its like
    What its like

    To be hurt
    To feel lost
    To be left out in the dark
    To be kicked when you're down
    To feel like you've been pushed around
    To be on the edge of breaking down
    And no one there to save you
    No you don't know what its like
    What its like

    To be hurt
    To feel lost
    To be left out in the dark
    To be kicked when you're down
    To feel like you've been pushed around
    To be on the edge of breaking down
    And no one's there to save you
    No you don't know what its like
    Welcome to my life
    Welcome to my life
    Welcome to my life Writer/s: CHARLES-ANDRE COMEAU, PIERRE BOUVIER
    Publisher: Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

Comments: 52

  • Redreaper from Carteret, Nc, UsaMy name is actually Julious. This song is the whole many of my life. Especially, the part that says "watching everyone get everything you wanted, never had to work because it was always there for them. Nady is probably one of those people. I lose everything. This girl I really like stopped dating because her heart was broken so many times. That sucks for me. I love her. MY parents, siblings and I have been pushed around all our life. I watch them struggle everyday. I love this song because it is true.
  • Jessica from Brisbane, Australiathis song's my fav cuz it's basically the story of my life so far in a song!
  • Kelsie from Gretna, MbThis song gets a lot of kids who have maybe had some really tough experiences. I love this song.
  • Nady from Adelaide, AustraliaTHE most boring and pointless song EVER.
  • Chelsea from Lansing, IaGr8 song. It actually expesses the way I feel everyday. I've made it my own personal theme song.
  • Daniel from Lake Mills, Iaits like amazing but cheesey... everyone wil feel this way at one time in there life and they cant controll that
  • Emily from Toronto, OnI do like their music and all, but sometimes their lyrics sound like something a depressed 13 year old would write.
  • Knowlet Mownick from New York City, Nyi agree w/ u below me.
    "you might think im happy but im not gonna be okay!!!!!!!!!"
  • Shannon from Kalkaka, MiI love this song! It's like, my anthem. I always have these fights with myself about what Im worth and what I can & can't do and if its worth it for all of the trouble. Everyone asks why im so upset and why I cry and I wish I could just play this song to explain it all! "YOU MIGHT THINK I'M HAPPY... BUT I'M NOT GONNA BE OKAY!"
  • Amelia from Chicago, IlLook! Just because they're rich doesn't mean that they have never had problems. How do you know that when they were younger their dads didn't beat them or they lived on the streets?! You don't! So all you people who are saying that the guys from Simple Plan have never had hard times, you need to get your s*** straight!!!! SIMPLE PLAN ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Rexor from San Diego, CaFor me I think this is a great song for bullying, I put this in my bullying project and i got an A++, This song is so meaningful in many other ways. GO Simple Plan! :)

    ill always be you fan:)
  • Xxxnuala94xxx from Toome, United Kingdomit is a great song and i think it is good to no that there are othere people out there who are like me
  • Akara from Birmingham, AlI used to love this song... when I was 12. I'm not sure if Simple Plan does it on purpose to be funny or not, but most of their songs sound like something a depressed 13 year old would write. They are the perfect band for teens and pre-teens going that phase we all go through when we think our lives are terrible and everyone should feel sorry for us. Don't get me wrong- Simple Plan is talented and I like their music. I'm not trying to diss them. Their songs just seem a little immature to me.
  • James from Paterson, NjI love this song. It says a lot about many people's lives and how they are often misunderstood. People say how Simple Plan is rich and they live it up and there is no reason for them to feel the way they do. Like the song says, "You don't know what it's like....." and people forget that depression affects people of ALL backgrounds.
  • Nady from Adelaide, Australiawaaaaaa i wanna kill myself my life is so sh*t nobdy understands me im so alone in this horrible horrible world my life means nothing waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhaaaaa. ahem, this song is utter drivel. he needs a good kick in the teeth and learn how to sing and how to write a real song. now I feel better
  • Atavan from Muntinlupa, Philippinesthis is my remedy song, everytime I had a problem and there is nothing i can do inside the house but to lay down... i'll play the song sing with pierre and tata my problems gone... it's not genre anymore but i still love them :)
  • Trina from Nyc, NyI heard this song right after my father had his sixth stroke, and it really made me feel like there were other people out there who were like me, that there were other people enduring crap and feeling hurt and lost. A couple years later, my best friend and I broke up and she turned my entire class against me, calling me 'itis,' like I was a disease, even after all the illness and hospital stays that my father went through, and that she knew full well. I was listening to the radio a little bit after that, feeling like crap, crying, wondering why God hated me, the only thing keeping me from committing suicide the fact that I didn't want to hurt my mother. This song came on, and it really made me realize that everyone goes through crap, that I'm not the only out there who feels like they want to fall asleep and never wake up. I can understand why people don't like this song, I really do, but for me, it's one of my favorite songs.
  • Isabella from Cumming, GaThis song really relates to the people that are called worthless or something by people they would turn to help, like family members.
  • Kayde from Montevallo, Allovely song. it fn rox
  • Amanda from Chicago, Insimple plan are my heroes.
    welcome to my life is the song that helps me when im stressed.if you dont like SP then you suck seriously. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SIMPLE PLAN.
  • Amy from Nunyabiz, AlKatinka & Zyran if you hate the song/band so much why the f are you on this pg to start with. i mean honestly. that's kinda stupid to get on the pg of some band you hate just to say you hate them. geez. this song is great & it's helped me a lot. woohoo simple plan!
  • Sebas from Auckland, New ZealandWhen I first heard this song I didn't really like It, But I gave It a listen because I love Simple Plan, Then after I strted to listen to this song I really enjoyed It and realise what this song Is really about... I can really relate to this song, and thank SP heaps for writing this song, It's awesome to have bands around that can write songs that people these days can relate too...
    Thanx Simple Plan...
  • Steven from Fishers, Inthis is probably the most effective song that SP has made. even though almost all their songs are aboutthe things verybody goes through in life this is pprobably the most powerful message they've ever sent out
  • Karen from Hasstingsquare, United StatesOh and,SIMPLE PLAN DOES NOT SUCK, THEY ARE HOT AND THEY RULE!
  • Karen from Hasstingsquare, United StatesYou know what? I think simple plan wanted us to see that we arent alone. That just because we feel the way we do, doesn't mean that we are the only ones feeling it. Think about it, how many times have we told ourselves that no one understands you? And that your life is horrible? Well simple plan knows that they aren't the only ones living it and knew that others belived that they were the only ones. so they wrote this song. It makes sense,and it probebly made sense to them too.(sorry i'm not trying to sound like i know them or anything, that's just what i personnaly think)
  • Lauren from Kansas City, MoZyran they aren't talking about thier lives. Their songs have turned my life around, I used to be in a big time gang, I have almost died, but once I listened to these songs, I realized that I'm not the only one suffering because of my gang.
  • Holly from D-vegas, VaThis is a great song....it really sums up a feeling that I personally think everyone goes through in there life at some point or another.
  • Cooper from Dub Town, NjPeople talk about how bad their lives are, but look at the people without food, or anything. Respect other people and your selfs. Don't put yourselfs down. I also agree these lyrics are also a summary of my life. Everyone thinks I am emo. But no one understands.
  • Stephanie from Los Angeles, CaThis song is the summary of my life.
  • Sai from Ontario, CanadaI want to know what the heck happened to them that was so horrible. If it really is worse than all of the adversity and horrors that I've endured in my life, I'll take back any negativity toward this song. If it's not worse, then they should STFU about no one understanding and stop giving innocent people like me PTSD flashbacks when we hear the song in a store.
  • Paul from Montpellier, FranceSimple Plan RULES. The lyrics really sum up teenage years, if you're cool, or an outsider. This song has helped me understand that there are other people going throug what I am. btw, Katinka, who is Britany Spears?
  • Cody from Pitsburgh, Pathis song relates 2 me yea i sit at the cool table and every thing but thiers this girl and i think shes the preetiest girl ever shes my fried also and i love her so much but i cnat tell her
  • Marina from Almaty, KazakhstanSimple plan has the best songs in the world. All their songs about me, and I want to say SP "thank you so much for your songs"! I agree with Ruth. "welcome to my life" it's beautiful song, and I think it's the anthem of teenagers.
  • Refo from Dubai, EgyptI LOVE this song! it's fantastic! Man!! it's so true...so right, it make a strange feeling rise in me, just "undescribable".
    YOU ROCK SP, you-simply-rock-simple-plan
  • Ruth from Hobart, United StatesWow, I can't believe that anyone wouldn't love this song. It's just beautiful. I've never heard a song that gets the message across about teenage pain more than this. I believe it's the anthem of our generation, and even the ones to come. Thank you SP!
  • Jimmy from Farmington, NmThe first time I heard this song, I was going through rough times. ( people dying and stuff). I didn't think my hurt could be summed up into words. Simple Plan knows how it is, I thank them for their music. Whoever is gonna say something bad about this song ;Like the song says " You don't know what it's like."
  • Eric Cartman from What, United StatesZYRAN...u need to get over urself and learn that they are trying to send messages to young FANS.....if u dont like them then dont search for them on here and go home to malaysia......GOODBYE
  • Eric Cartman from What, United Stateso yeah simple plan rox
  • Beans from Philadelphia, PaThis song is good and alot of people can relate to it, i think simple plan is a great band but i would like to see them record more energetic songs like shut up!
  • Natalie from Kuching, MalaysiaThis song is annoyingly melodramatic. Everyone's gone through some sh*t alright, geez, don't have to mope so patheticly about it..
    And this song mocks anyone who's really hurting. That's what I feel.
  • Stacey from St.petersburg, FlI don't think their talking about their lifes look at their fanbase. Full of teenagers not really any adults plus they could be talking about their teen years and the trouble they felt when nothing was right but their trying to have music people relate too and people relate to being misunderstood.
  • Caitlin from Murrieta, CaAlex, the songs aren't about what's happening to them now. They're older now, the songs reflect on what happened to them when they were growing up,obviously from some of their songs being about parents and they don't have to live with them any more. They're lives might be okay now, but they had to go through alot to get where they are today.
    They're lyrics aren't just a bunch of words that make no sence, they are songs about life not just about boyfriends and girlfriends but the things we go through so we don't feel as alone. I know that Simple Plan as helped me alot, and it's helped my sister and alot of other people I know, they may mean nothing to you, but give some respect to the people that are hurtin'.
  • Alexis from MontrealI agree with Melissa. One of my best friends just tried to commit suicide and she told me one thing that hepled her stop before she killed herself was this song. She told me remembering this song helped her realize she was not alone and people do know what she is going through. After she got out of the hospital she talked to me and found out I am going through a lot of things she is and she understands that there are people to talk to and that she won't try to kill herself again because she knows it is not worth it. I owe everything to Simple Plan, they gave me my best friend back. So I'm proof, this song has meaning, a lot of meaning.
  • Ashley Jade from Cleveland, GaWhatever... people have their own opinions. If people want to like Simple Plan, let them.
  • Melissa from ToledoKatinka, Simple Plan is the best band ever. They are not shallow and they don't try to rap good they aren't rappers, they're rockers(duh). And they have the best lyrics ever that mean a lot to teens. All their songs are real and help teens get through hard situations. Welcome To My Life helps teens know they are not alone and people understand what they are going through. Maybe you should listen to the lyrics before you say they have no meaning because they ALL do.
  • E-bot from Crapville, Wyu people make me sick!!
  • Katinka from Brisbane, Australiai agree with Zyran, only i think they are the worst band/artist EVER! they are worse than Britany Spears, and that makes them pretty bad! I think their music is shallow, they cannot ryme for nuts and their lyrics do not have any meaning whatsoever.
  • Shong from Wausau, Wifirst time i heard this song...i was like wow...i've gone through this...and i thought no one knows how i felt...but they do...simple plan just keep on rocking...cuz it's a great song for teens...really good...
  • Jeevan from Brampton, CanadaSimple Plan has good songs. Thi song is excellent. Especially, the lyrics.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhOk they are not living the big life they give so much money to charities they just started a foundation. They do so much for people and so little for themselves and people like Zyran(no offense) still give them so much crap for their lyrics. Their lyrics are for kids and teens who don't have the great life but so many people don't give them credit yet other bands will talk about suicide when they live better lives than Simple Plan and they get nothing but good reviews. If anything is "utter crap" it's not Simple Plan it's how much crap they get from people and other groups don't when their lyrics are even worse realted to them than Simple Plan. It doesn't make sense. I hate how people say how bad Simple Plan is when they are the best band EVER!!
  • Zyran from Shah, MalaysiaThey're living the big life and yet they talk about how horrible they're lives are. Utter crap.
  • Melissa from Toledo, OhI love this song and I really feel what the lyrics say. I do feel like things get so horrible and no one understands and I feel alone with my problems and I have to carry the weight of the world on my shoulders but this song lets me know that I'm not aolne, other people understand!! I LOVE YOU SP!!!
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