Get Down And Get With It

Album: Sladest (1971)
Charted: 16
  • All right everybody
    Let your head down
    I want to say everybody get on of your seat
    Clap your hand and step your feet
    *Get down and get with it
    I said*
    Do the turns
    Come on baby
    I'm going to watch everybody work
    I said come on baby
    Watch everybody do the dance
    It's been a long long time
    I'm going to watch everybody go around
    I said (*repeat) baby
    Watch everybody make some time

    (* repeat)
    It's alright
    Yeah, yeah, yeah
    Ma ma ma ma.....
    Baby it's alright
    Ma ma ma ma ma ma

    Everybody raise both of your hand in the air
    Everybody, everybody
    I said clap your hands
    Everybody clap your hands
    Ma ma ma ma
    Everybody clap your hands ma ma ma...
    I want to see everybody get your boots on
    Everybody everywhere
    I said step your feet
    Come on and step Your feet Yeah
    Yeah, yeah, yeah,
    Ma ma ma ma...
    Everybody step your feet
    Ma ma ma ma...
    I want to say everybody get above your seats
    Clap your hands and step your feet
    Make it

    (* repeat)
    I said (*repeat)
    I said (*repeat) baby
    Ma ma ma ma
    I said come on baby, ma ma ma ma...
    I said step your feet and do the thing baby
    Ma ma ma ma...
    Everybody step your feet baby
    I said ma ma ma ma
    I said (*repeat) now
    (*repeat) baby

    I want everubody to say their feels
    All right
    Writer/s: BOBBY MARCHAN
    Publisher: Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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