Doctor Alibi

Album: Slash (2010)
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  • I went to see the doctor
    He said you're pretty sick
    You got some real bad habits
    You'd better stop right quick

    I said doctor that's real bad news
    Don't know what I'm gonna do

    There's nothin' wrong with me
    Doctor doctor
    Can't you see
    I ain't gonna die
    Just write me an alibi

    I went to see a shaman
    He said you'll be alright
    Just keep doin' what you love
    Every single night

    I said that's what I need to hear
    ? my childish fears

    Doctor doctor
    My oh my
    You're the one for me
    That's the mojo that I need

    Don't you know that I feel alright
    Doin' what I do
    I ain't gonna tow the line
    Not till' I turn blue
    All I got is one short life
    That's what people say
    And I ain't gonna waste a second
    Doin' what you say

    I won't be the one you like
    I won't be the boy next door
    I won't be the chosen one
    That's not what I'm here for
    I don't like the way you are
    I despise what you hold dear
    Don't you try to make me change
    I'll haunt you for a thousand years

    Don't you ?
    Don't you ?
    Stay away from me
    Sick is what I'd rather be
    Doctor doctor death
    Doctor out of breath
    I ain't gonna die
    Just write me an alibi Writer/s: IAN FRASER KILMISTER, SAUL HUDSON
    Publisher: Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Warner Chappell Music, Inc.
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind

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  • Josh from Athens, OhSlash+Lemmy=awesome. What else is there to say?
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