Album: Siamese Dream (1993)
  • Feel it
    Break your bones
    Mr. Jones

    Taste me
    As I bleed
    Taste my need

    Spaceboy I've missed you
    Spinning round my head
    Any way you choose me
    You'll break instead

    Watch me
    Death defy
    Defile my life

    I don't need
    I don't care

    I want to go home
    I want to go home
    I want to go home
    I want to go home
    'Cause when a lover aches
    'Cause when a lover breaks
    I want to go home
    I want to go home

    Spaceboy they'll kill me
    Before I'm dead and gone
    And any way you choose me
    It won't be wrong
    And any way you choose me
    We won't be long

    We won't be long
    We won't be long
    We won't be long
    We won't be long
    We won't be long

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  • Jeff from Ottawa, OnThe person is actually speaking at the beginning of "Silverfu*k" and not the end of "Spaceboy".
  • Matt from Houston, TxThis reminds me when I was just a little girl with no problems in the world. Then in 7th grade I discovered drugs.
  • Dena from Nowhere To Be, NjBilly has a thing about discussing the meaning of his lyrics. It sort of pisses me off because I can't think of anyone else alive now who's brain I'd like to pick more. But it's definitely about Billy's younger brother, Jesse who has a chromosomal disorder, and how he can identify with him in being "abnormal".
  • Michael from Sydney, Australiathis is an awsome song....but what is it about
  • Dennis from Toledo, OhBilly Corgan got rather upset when he revealed what this song was about and it was taken the wrong way. The press got ahold of it, or a rumour started, or something, but in at least one later interview he expressed major discontent that he ever told anyone what the song was about (even though it is a very beautiful and sad song). After the Siamese Dream era, he talked much less about the meanings behind his songs.
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