Murder Was The Case

Album: Doggystyle (1993)
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  • Ayy, ayy, JC (hey, now you know)
    What's up Enron (inhale, exhale with my flow)
    Ain't that Snoop Dogg over there?
    What, that nigga with that blue coat on? (Breakaway)
    Yeah (talkin' like this)
    Hell yeah, that's the nigga (the LE to the Z, two times, don't miss)
    Nigga, roll up on the side of him, man (ain't nothing to do)
    Roll your window down (if you break you get broke)
    Man, hand me my motherfucking Glock man, give me another clip (Me and Mr. G and it go smoke)
    'Cause I'm finna smoke this fool
    Yeah, roll the window down
    Yeah, okay there he go
    Ayy man, you Snoop Dogg?
    Snoop, Snoop Doggy Dogg? (huh?)
    Man, you Snoop Dogg fool
    Man, fuck that nigga
    Nigga, man
    Get that nigga, man
    Man, get up fool, man (get up), get up man, he trying to run, man
    Dump on that fool man, I don't give a fuck (what? Get that sucker now)
    Fuck you, nigga, uh
    Yeah nigga, what's up?
    Yeah, mothafucka
    Yeah nigga, one less nigga (yeah, yeah)
    Yeah nigga, you's a dead motherfucker now (fuck that nigga, man)

    As I look up at the sky
    My mind starts tripping, a tear drops my eye
    My body temperature falls
    I'm shaking and they breaking tryna save the Dogg
    Pumping on my chest and I'm screaming
    I stop breathing, damn I see demons
    Dear God, I wonder can you save me
    I can't die, my boo boo's 'bout to have my baby
    I think it's too late for praying, hold up
    A voice spoke to me and it slowly started saying
    (Bring your lifestyle to me, I'll make it better)
    How long will I live? (Eternal life and forever)
    Oh, will I be the G that I was?
    (I'll make your life better than you can imagine or even dreamed of
    So relax your soul, let me take control
    Close your eyes my son)
    My eyes are closed

    Murder, murder was the case that they gave me
    Murder, murder was the case that they gave me

    I'm fresh up out my coma
    I got my mama and my daddy and my homies in my corner
    It's gonna take a miracle they say
    For me to walk again and talk again but anyway
    I get fronted some P's to get back on my feet
    And everything that nigga said came to reality
    Living like a baller loc
    Having money and blowing hella chronic smoke
    I bought my mama a Benz, and bought my boo boo a Jag'
    And now I'm rolling in a nine-trizzay El Do-Rad
    (Just remember who changed your mind
    'Cause when you start set-tripping, that ass is mine)
    Indeed, agreed proceed to smoke weed
    Never have a want, never have a need
    They say I'm greedy but I still want mo'
    'Cause my eyes wanna journey some more, really doe, check it out

    Now I lay me down to sleep
    I pray the Lord, my soul to keep
    If I should die, before I wake
    I pray the Lord, my soul to take

    No more indo, gin and juice
    I'm on my way to Chino, rolling on the Grey Goose
    Shackled from head to toe
    Twenty-five with a izz-el, with nowhere to gizzo, I know
    Them niggas from the other side recognize my face
    'Cause it's the O.G. D-O-double-G, L-B-C
    Mad dogging niggas 'cause I don't care
    Red jumpsuit with two braids in my hair
    Niggas stare as I enter the center
    They send me to a level, three yard, that's where I stay
    Late night I hear toothbrushes scraping on the floor
    Niggas getting they shanks, just in case the war, pops off
    'Cause you can't tell what's next
    My little homie Baby Boo took a pencil in his neck
    And he probably won't make it to see twenty-two
    I'll put that on my mama, I'ma ride for you Baby Boo

    Murder, murder was the case that they gave me
    Murder, murder was the case that they gave me
    Murder, murder was the case that they gave me
    Murder, murder was the case that they gave me Writer/s: Aandre Romell Young, Calvin Broadus, Rojai Tarwick, Warren Griffith
    Publisher: OLE MEDIA MANAGEMENT LP, REACH MUSIC PUBLISHING, Songtrust Ave, Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC
    Lyrics licensed and provided by LyricFind


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