Excess Baggage

Album: Dysfunction (1999)
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  • (Hidden track on Dysfunction)

    Well I know the words, but I can't really speak them
    To you

    And I hide all the pain that I've gained with my wisdom
    From you

    And I'm eaten alive by what I hold inside
    All the things that I live with I can't easily hide
    And I'm left here with nothing, nothing to live for
    But you

    It's not easy to hide
    All this damage inside
    I'll carry you with me
    Until I'm not alive

    When you look at my face, does it seem just as ugly?
    To you?

    I can't seem to erase all the scars I have lived with
    From you

    I'm so sick of this place
    This taste in my mouth
    Cause of you I can't figure what I'm all about
    And I'm left here with nothing, nothing to live for
    But you

    It's not easy to hide
    All this damage inside
    I'll carry you with me
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  • Lukas from Germany This song is a clear explanation for depression. Every word is a part how a depression person think. I would say this song could be dangerous if you are in the wrong mood.
    But it could also help to release some of the pain.
    It belongs to my top 10 staind songs.
  • Eddy from Forest Park, Gathis song is the same as black rain. Black Rain is the name of it on the European release
  • David from Hanove, WvThis is a great song to do what Aaron did while recording it..Pour yourself a drink, kick back, and let your mind pilfer through the pain and agony that he portrays in his voice..I love this song..Im listening to it now..
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