Any Major Dude Will Tell You

Album: Pretzel Logic (1974)
  • I never seen you looking so bad my funky one
    You tell me that your superfine mind has come undone

    Any major dude with half a heart surely will tell you my friend
    Any minor world that breaks apart falls together again
    When the demon is at your door
    In the morning it won't be there no more
    Any major dude will tell you

    Have you ever seen a squonk's tears? Well, look at mine
    The people on the street have all seen better times


    I can tell you all I know, the where to go, the what to do
    You can try to run but you can't hide from what's inside of you

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  • Frodaddy from Santee CaThis song defines me as a person. I graduated high school in 1974. I had an instant connection that lasts til this day !
  • Martin from New YorkAll the comments here are so wonderful, thoughtful and refreshing. I've been playing and singing this song to my daughters for many years.
  • Raelene from Ca Central CoastHas anyone ever noted the similarity of the ending to this and the Joni Mitchell song, "Free Man In Paris"? Both songs were recorded in 1973 and released in 1974. I've been listening to SD a lot lately and this song is one of my faves. I'm a huge Joni fan and noticed the similarities just recently.
  • Mark from Alameda CaIve been digging deep in the SD catalog lately and have been checking out the lyrics fully probably for the first time.
    Very poetic stuff; wonderful short stories and their world view is there for all to see if you look close enough.
    I've noticed their song titles rarely are "on the nose". You need to dig in to find the gold. This is a favorite: When the demon is at your door, in the morning it won't be there no more: Any major dude will tell you."
  • John from Fairfield The song tells me don’t give up no matter how difficult things may seem at any given time in your life. Very inspirational. Sometimes we all need a major dude.
  • Eb from Fl Keys, FlI agree with Rick!
  • Gary from Chandler, Az"any minor world that breaks apart falls together again"
    Seems to indicate time heals all wounds or when one door closes another opens. Very hopeful. I love it!
  • Rick from Plainwell,mich, MiConsidering The Dan's cynical and sardonic sense of humor,this song would appear to be an abberation--but I love it regardless
  • Jena from Leavenworth, KsI just heard this song for the first time the other day. As I have been with many other Steely Dan songs, I am blown away by the depth and genius of their timeless music. It is the best!
  • Chuck from Houston, TxOne of the groups underrated songs, love the acoustic rifs throughout the song that gives it it's personality
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